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Regulations in Xochimilco: this is what you must do to avoid choking and if you get hurt

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Two groups of visitors there trajineras de Xochimilco they tuvieron a riña, culminating in that one choque from two boats and on the rear hundimientofrom the reports of the authorities of the Secretary of Integral Management of Assets and Civil Protection of the City of Mexico.

In the area they brought the members of the body Bomberos of the Mexican capital, as well as paramedics of the Rescue School and Medical Urgent Care (ERUM) and the Ribereña Police with the objective of achieving the corresponding rescue of the people who live there trajineras in the canals.

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Choque de trajineras in Xochimilco deja tens de personas en el agua

Follow the rules and you won’t run too far. Credit: Cuartoscuro

What are the rules of the trajineras in Xochimilco?

In total, they moved to a safe place to look for 100 pasajeros that iban on the vessels that were found to be affected; a result with damage in its structure y volcoonce again hundio and two more quedaron in drovesdetailed the authorities in the official press release.

It is for the first time that it has been recorded by visitors, both local and local foreignerswhich requires the regulations imposed by the authorities for the healthy coexistence of the canal, both of them derived from another accident that happened in the year 2020, where a young man died.

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you can be taken before a civic game if you do not respect the rules. Credit: Cuartoscuro

The rules for entry to the trains are the following, which can be found on the official page of the embarcaderos:

  • The cost is de 600 pesos for Trajinera without importing the personality of the people.
  • Only you can suffer 18 peopleand anyone can be put on board once during the journey.
  • You can bring food and drinks at an extra cost; only if it allows a liter of alcohol or three brains per person.
  • It is prohibited brincar, menearse, take your hands, pies or heads. Only then can you keep the pie.
  • Radios were prohibitedgrabadoras, las bocinas bluetooth, entre otros reproducers of electronic music.
  • It is not possible to lift the basure on the canals, all the embarcaderos are basured
  • In the event of failure to comply with this regulation, and if there are people who are ill due to alcohol, the driver can hold the journey without donating the money. The offender can be retired to the Civic juzgado.

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