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Refuerza Morena on structure for 2024 with membership of associations

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Además de la alliance con el PT and PVEMMorena will work with national political groups to strengthen her political structure in the 2024 elections, one of which is in line with the efforts of the ex-secretary of External Relations, Marcelo Ebrard.

The least four national political groups, which in the next year will seek political parties, signed participation agreements with Morena to contest units in the Federal Electoral Process 2023-2024. The said groups mean at least 20 million members across the country who are part of the moraine territorial structure in the presidential process.

Among the groups are the herbalist’s Emmanuel Reyes, called Humanismo Mexicano. This year the first steps were taken to conform to a political party starting from the conclusion of the 2024 federal elections. The great majority has a affinity with the incumbent Ebrard.

The ally of Marcelo Ebrard is also known for being happy with the Church of the Light of the World, but he has stated in various interviews that Mexican Humanism does not have anything to do with religion. Asimismo, Morena signed up before the National Electoral Institute (INE) for the idea of ​​participation with the political groups that support democracy, directed by Gabriela Jiménez, and who in this year was fined by the INE for having presented illegal signatures for the revocation process of mandate.

Also recently established in Morena was the national political group Pueblo Republicano Colosista, led by Gonzalo Navor Lanche and shaped by distinguished social groups and organisations, convinced of the Colosista ideal and committed to its role in social justice. Asimism, was born in Morena Movimiento 2 Nacional por un Mejor País, presided over by Juan Hugo de la Rosa, former member of the PRD and which holds a social basis in the Edomex.

In order to be a political group, it was necessary for each group to gather five thousand signatures of support as a minimum and to have representations when there are fewer entities in the country. They must also accredit a national governing body, delegations in less than one entity, the presentation of their basic documents and a distinct denomination to any other political group or party.

The groups, still in some of their internal cargoes and in their delegations, are mainly represented by men.


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