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Reckless 9.5 kilos of crystal based on the “mula blind” method

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Cases 10 kilos of crystal-type drugs were encountered by elements of the Policía Municipal de Tijuana in two distinct cars, intercepted in different colonies of the opposite location.

The first of the cases occurred at the location El Solerwhere the driver of a pick up truck noticed a suspicious object behind his unit, so he alerted the municipal police officers to his presence.

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Asesinan a municipal police in the public street

“The officers met with the victim, it was clear that, when he went up to his house to go to work, he was concerned about the packages, because they were secured by the officers, and those who inspected them noticed that it was the one who apparently ser ‘crystal‘ with a weight of 5 kilos and medium cases.

A woman encountered 4.5 kilos of drugs and a tracker in her vehicle. Photo: Policía Municipal de Tijuana

“On the other hand, in the Los Olivos branch, a woman reported that, when heading to her work in the United States“He braked in an emergency and noticed an extra sound in his vehicle, so when he came down to inspect it, he noticed that they had lost three packages and a plastic device and immediately reported it to 911,” the municipal annex reported.

Translate to an inspection carried out by police officers, in the vehicle I found a GPS and four kilos of one drug which holds the characteristics of the crystal, according to the authorities.

What is the “blind mule”?

The method of “blind mule“It’s the new strategy that some organized crime groups are implementing in Tijuana to move drugs to the United States while avoiding the risk of being detained.

It consists in that, first, they carry out surveillance tasks to locate people who reside in the front city, but they work in the American Unionand they usually travel by car.

This method has been implemented with greater frequency in the opposite entity. Photo: Policía Municipal de Tijuana

Followed by this, they break the unity and hide drug shipments and a GPS locator so that citizens, without knowing it, introduce drugs into the European territory.

Ya in the old country, accomplices of the cards recover it drug loading and distribute it between sellers and consumers, thus evading the frontal controls.

Local authorities animated citizens report cualquier suspicious package inside their vehicles, with the aim of eliminating this drug transport mechanism.

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