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Rebels hutíes have landed on a boat destined for Iran

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The army was informed that rebels hutíes Iranians launched missiles at a cargo vessel off the coast of Yemen, which caused significant damage to the ship, which continued to its port of destiny, Iran.

“On February 12, from 3:30 to 3:45 am (Saná time), militants in shelters displaced by Iran fired two missiles from lower areas on control Yemen go to the end Bab al-Mandeb“, I said the Central Command was established in the region (Centcom) in the red social X.

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The security team Ambrey indicated that the vessel was a gray granelero with a flag of las Islas Marshall which was attacked by missiles in two separate incidents within 20 minutes.

“Supuestly he was brought and suffered physical damage on the exit side,” I told Ambrey to add that a privately armed security team was on board.

The boat was transported from Brazil

Centcom confirmed that the ship, el MV Star Irisif encountered transiting the Red Sea with cargo of mail from Brazil and report to be in sailing conditions and without injuries in the tripulation. The fate of the MV Star Iris was Bandar Imam Khomeini, in Iran.

The rebel group, together with other Islamist groups that receive support Iranis part of what Tehran calls it hey of resistance anti-Western and anti-Israeli.

From November, Los hutíes they launched attacks against holes that sailed there Red Sea y en el Gulf of Adenand who consider themselves bound to Israel, in solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza.

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