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Reaparece Mexicana secuestrada y liberada da Hamás en Israel: “Our life gave us a thousand”

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Family members of Ilana Gritzewsky, the mexicana that was follows the road for Hamasin Israel, confirmed that the youth was liberated and currently there are joints. It was through social circles that the wife’s husband appreciated the support of the authorities and revealed that his family could finally reunite with Ilana, who had been living in the Gaza Strip for more than a month.

Life gave us a thousand: my hand returned. After 55 days of being driven by the hands of Hamás, now she is back with us. I can’t see her or hug her, I see her and I don’t want her. I am happy with life, with the universe, with everyone who supported us during this holiday”, wrote in his social circles Jaim Gritzewsky, the brother of the younger generation.

The young girl was followed by her new companion. Photo: special.

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What do you know about Ilana Gritzewsky, the Mexican who follows Hamás?

“We have a new huge family, my sister is now the sister of thousands of people around the world who have adopted her in her prayers, and I want to share this enormous happiness with us. I am sure that this happiness fills us and extends to us, to us llena of the same form to ustedes”, joined the young man in a public shared in social circles.

Despite the publicity, Ilana’s new son is still deprived of his freedom by my members of Hamas, so that the Mexican family must know that they will now raise their voice to demand their liberation and the people who continue to be captured. “She went up to raise her voice to meet her again and together with her we will do the impossible for both of us,” read it in the press release.

The family made the first declarations regarding the liberation of youth. Photo: captura de pantalla.

What do you know about other Mexicans seized by Hamás?

Last Tuesday November 28th, the Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores (SRE) had to know that they keep in permanent contact with the families of the three Mexican teenagers seized aboard the “Galaxy Leader“, Israeli embarkation captured in the waters of Red Sea for rebel hutíes in Yemen, last Sunday 19 November.

In the same way, the dependency ensured that it continues to seek the release of Orión Hernández, mexicano seized por Hamas from the month of October, without embargo, until now there is no news in this regard. The new friend of the countryman was abandoned during the first days of conflict.

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