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Raymundo Romero arrests Javier Corral in a Chihuahua restaurant: VIDEO

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This morning, December 20th, Raymundo Romero extitulary of the Secretary General of Government during the sexenio of Cesar Duarte y Fernando ReyesBoth accused of embezzlement and freed by law enforcement officers met the former governor of Chihuahua, Javier Corral, when he went out with his friends to a well-known restaurant where they were arrested by being locked up inside him. Expedientes X.

Following reading:

Javier Corral, former governor of Chihuahua, remarks on division with the PAN: “I create Claudia Sheinbaum”

Detained by Antonio “N”, first ex-official of Javier Corral’s government

Fernado Reyes gives her a vase in Corral

After the witnesses, Fernando Reyes presented them with a jar of mineral water to Javier Corral when he was enjoying his food, and he received a coup.

Ambos exfuncionarios atacaron a Corral en un restaurante Photo: Special

Subsequently, Raymundo Romero claimed the views he had received during his tenure during the administration of the Corral.

In the images of the video there is a bombardment with shouts and insults, where Javier Corral did not challenge him and was queried with his hands in his belt.

Both politicians were prosecuted within the Conocidos Expediente


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