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Raymundo “N”: What are the crimes that are attributed to the municipal president of Toluca?

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There General Tax of Justice of the Mexican State (FGJEM) God knows that during the night of November 24, 2023, “operational actions will be implemented in the municipality of #Toluca and in municipalities asked to comply with an order of apprehension, judicial mandate that was requested by this tax”.

In a short press release published late on this Saturday, November 25th, the information was expanded and it was revealed that she was being pursued for the crime of express secuestro against a man, public servant of the assistant, who is presumably the father of his former wife, who had raised the complaint.

He is a refugee from justice. Credit: Twitter

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There is an order of apprehension against the municipal president of Tijuana

Those who have happened in the past 12th Aprilwhen by the instructions of Raymundo “N”, municipal police of the municipality of Toluca, they brought to the particular workshops of the victim and they brought him deprived of his freedom to subsequently move it to the installations of the municipal Calificadora Oficialía, where it will be stored in safety. There are six others investigated.

Agregaron that currently there is an investigation table, even if it is presented with a general perspective, it may be that the crime derives from the relationship that involved the victim’s wife and the mayor. They also confirmed that in exchange for the victim’s release, pidió a la hija y su ex esposa, la devolution de documents personal, but with amenazas and use of offensive language.

They search for it expressly. Credit: Twitter

Enfrenta up to 40 and up to 80 years for the crime

The authorities also joined together at this moment, the reported crimes constituting the degree of probability of the crime of kidnapping expressed in their mode of extortion, foreseen by the Ley General para Prevent y Sancionar los Delitos en Materia de

According to the law established in Chapter II of crimes in the matter of kidnapping, they will be applied to those who deprive others of their liberty from the moment of punishment and up to the eighty years in prison, as a fine of one thousand to four thousand days . The purpose of the crime is to carry out the crime crimees de robo or extortionto wear it off, they deprive others of their freedom.

End 80 years of prison. Credit: Twitter

The red Interpol card was turned over

However, the mayor is currently a refugee from justice, since he cannot be blamed on the categories that were so frequent in the municipality of Toluca as from Metepec, and a description in it Palacio Municipal and el Center to Command y Controlfrom where it currently works.

The Tax Authority warned that all persons who seek refuge, hide it or facilitate their escape so as not to face justice, “would be committing the crime of hidingwhich will be sanctioned in terms of the establishment in article 149 of the Penal Code in force in the entity, the penalty being aggravated to a limited extent in the case of being committed by a public servant”.

All those who give refuge will be accomplices. Credit: Twitter

Lastly, we will get to know the General Management of International Police Asuntos and Interpol Mexico they executed it Ficha Roja correspondent against Raymundo “N”, while the National Migration Institute of the territory issued a Migration Alert. No country will be able to rise.

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