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Ratero intends to attack trucks Valle de Chalco passing by brutal coup

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An alleged thief who suffered a robar in los pasajeros of a truck of the public transport I know how “chimeco” It is in the State of Mexicohe was captured by several of the users when the man took a descuido and asked to mercy the enraged victims who began to attack him.

There coup who received the man who was documented with the cell phone of one of the passengers who moments before had been amended like the rest of the passenger, so that they would tell the alleged installment all your belongings in your wallet, bags and cell phones.

APhoto: X @QuePocaMadre_Mx

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HARMFUL IMAGES: I was harassed as soon as I was in the truck and I was left behind for a passerby who defended her

VIDEO: Pipe loaded with acid is explored and watched by the co-pilot who had to close the valve because the gas leaked

Who went with the alleged thief to receive the coup?

In the images that have become viral in the social sphere, observe the moment when the alleged thief you are pulled on the floor of the truck while it is sometime for two men who were quick to appreciate it in the morning. One of them supports a metal attack with which he begins to strike the man.

El presumed storming If you were on the wheel, you could only cover yourself with your hands in an instinctive way, since you couldn’t do much to retaliate the blows with the chicken pox that was used like a lance with the one that was sharpened, while the second man pinched the head of the other man. .

Before the apparatus coup, some passers-by asked the men who were afraid of attacking the alleged criminal and might consider that he had received his money. “Let’s say it, ya,” said a man who was following me for another time who was distressed by God’s same message. If you ignore the identified person who was detained by the policy in its intent assault to public transport.

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