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Putin’s rival mayor breaks the silence, describes how the extreme frozen prison is

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Alexei Navalny he was found on Mondays imprisoned in a remote prison Siberia After having disappeared for 20 days, he has now been considered as the greatest political rival of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putinbroke the silence over capture and confinement in a sunny area that has extreme conditions to reach less than 32 degrees Centigrade and be incommunicated.

The hallazgo of the opposition leader welcomed Russia since he was hoping to get to the top of the presidential election in which the former agent of the KGB look for a reelegido for the fifth time. After remaining in silence for 20 days when nothing was said about Navalny, he finally broke the silence from the cold prison.

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Alexei Navalny was located in Siberia. Photo: Archive

What do I say to Alexei Navalny about his imprisonment?

Navalny shared his experience and the way he was translated to the world carcel de Polar Wolf, from which it is believed that he was sent by Kremlin officials. According to X’s account of him (also on Twitter), the opposing leader began his description by comparing his physique with Abuelo Frost, who is the equivalent of Santa Claus.

“Good, now I have an oveja hat, an ushanka sombrero (a hat sombrero with earrings that cover the ears) and I’m ready to get valenki (a traditional winter shoe used). I have been shaving for 20 days of my life,” as Putin’s top critic agreed:

“Now I live at the top of the Arctic Circle. In the village of Kharp in Yamal. The most sought-after city holds the good name of Labytnangi… The 20 days of my transport were enough agotadores, but still there was good humor, as corresponds to a Father Noel”, related the opponent to the Kremlin and continued:

“They brought me here on Saturday for the night. And they transported me with so much caution and on such an extraneous route (Vladimir – Moscow – Chelyabinsk – Yekaterinburg – Kirov – Vorkuta – Kharp) that I didn’t expect anyone else to meet me here before the black road.

Putin’s greatest opponent broke the silence in the red. Photo: X

Therefore I was very surprised when the door of the cell opened with the words: “A man is here to see it”. He told me that I was lost and some of you included were worried. Many thanks for your help!

The patio is a old cellar, a little larger, with snow on the ground. And there is a convoy, not like in central Russia, but like in films: with meters, hot gloves and buttons of filter. Y with my beautiful hairy shepherds.

In all ways, don’t worry about me. I’m happy. I am totally relieved to finally have it. Thanks again to everyone for your help. “Happy celebrations!”, concluded the opponent of Vladimir Putin who remains trapped in the remote prison of Siberia.

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