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Putin will postulate again as president, but what would he be like if he were not a politician, according to the AI?

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Vladimir Putin god to know what will be postulated again to extend the mandate as president of Russiaso that the ganar will be 30 years more at the front of the Russian state that is currently maintained within the Ukraine in an armed conflict that began after the 24th of February 2022.

However, in the event that the former KGB agent did not log on to the objective of steering the Kremlin’s fate for another six years, the Artificial intelligence god some possible scenarios of activities where the team of the Olympic gymnastics championship looks like Alina Kabaevayou can also include a sports trainer following the AI ​​Bard de herramienta Google.

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What was Putin like as a politician?

In the event that Vladimir Putin is elected as President of Russia, he will be at the front of the Kremlin on the fifth occasion until 2030 when he is 78 years old if he is not the victim of any attack from the situation with the military invasion that is taking place in Ukraine; Without embargo, in case of dejar the presidency, the IA reported these possibilities:

As an ambassador of peace, Putin will use his high knowledge in the unique understanding of the geopolitical panorama of the world, he indicated the herramienta consulted by him Daily Star, who joined the politician with training in it Derecho I would have a strong desire to promote peace.

Asimismo, the former KGB agent with doctorate en Economyyou could be a sports trainer, since I know with your taste to practice sports such as judo and karate (for training as a spy), as well as mountain riding, hiking and driving cars, I will approve you to train new generations of athletes.

However, Putin would still be in the film industry as a producer or director. “Putin has a great eye for details and a solid understanding of human psychology. He could use these skills to direct or produce films that explore complex themes such as leadership, power and resolution of conflicts,” said AI Bard.

Furthermore, the current president of Russia would be a writer of books, an activity which even led to the publication of an autobiography and more about judo: “Putin has a don to tell stories and a profound knowledge of Russian history and culture You can use your writing skills to write books on different themes,” noted IA Bard.

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