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Putin presents an Artificial Intelligence bot, expertly advierten the criminal it represents

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Vladimir Putinthe president of Russialearned about technology, specifically about a bot Artificial Intelligencewhere you use the state-owned company Gazprom Neft; without embargo, Geoffrey Hintonan expert in AI, advised on the negative use that the former KGB agent can give her for purposes belicos.

The authorized representative wants to satisfy Western robots like this ChatGPT y Google BardHe assured that the technology of the future could be dangerous, which was exemplified by the fact that many bots are used to “erase Russian culture”, he said in a conference on the technology, quoted in the Daily Star.

Putin wants the Kremlin to become more involved in AI. Photo: Archive

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The goal that Putin pursues with the creation of a chatbot to preserve the language is also intended to desatisfy other bots, according to information from The Mirror, in this sense, the former KGB agent hopes that the Kremlin will be more active on the topic digital:

“Our innovations must be based on our traditional values ​​and the rique and beauty of the Russian language. I hope that we are more active in this area. When I say ‘ours’, I refer not only to the government, but also to the regions, to the industries Ya las individual plants”, Putin said.

Putin tried to manipulate voters. Photo: Archive

However, Geoffrey Hinton is sure that Vladimir Putin’s original idea for chatbots is to use technology to “wage wars or manipulate voters”, according to the IT expert in the middle city.

What is a chatbot? According to IBM, it is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to understand customers’ queries and automate responses, simulating a human conversation.

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