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Putin launches a strong warning now against Argentina

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Vladimir Putin created a balance of the year where God had time to talk about it crisis economic who crosses Argentina and the plan he has prepared Javier Milei to counteract the fierce inflation, once he succeeded the Peronist Alberto Fernández as president of the South American country only the past domingo.

In press conference, the former agent of the KGB It dealt with Milei’s idea that he wants to boost the Argentine economy in order to be able to rise from the crisis that maintains it with a inflation of 143 years, the Kremlin representative sent a message to his South American counterpart in case he implemented the measure.

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Hallan, the editor of Putin’s favorite periodical, dies in foreign circumstances

Detained by the man who delivered the bottle to Milei in the presidential ascension of Argentina

Putin advised Argentina on making money on the economy. Photo: Archive

What was Putin’s warning to Milei?

The President of Russia emphasized the problems faced by Argentina in order to be able to devolve the economic funds that we wanted from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) during the past administrations, which at the moment, the former president Fernández said they were asked for by his predecessor Mauricio Macri.

“We all know the idea of ​​the new president to raise the dollar, that is a sovereign decision of each country. But in Argentina, I believe, inflation is at 143 percent and because of this there are many problems to devolve the funds you are looking for,” said Vladimir Putin, who advised:

“We understand the logic behind this, but it is a considerable loss of sovereignty”: Putin.

Putin reveals how many soldiers there are in Ukraine and when they are Iran

Putin revealed that there are 617 million Russian soldiers in Ukraine. Photo: Archive

Putin attracted global attention for these issues by touching on various themes, including the Russian invasion of Ukraine which confronted the armed conflict that was unfolding there Franja de Gaza enter Israel y Hamas: “Look at the special military operation and look at what is happening in Gaza and you will see the difference. There is no difference in Ukraine… What happens (in Gaza) is a catastrophe“, añadió.

The representative stated that after two years of combat, his objectives in the old country remained the same: “the desnazification and desmilitarización of Ukraine and its state of neutrality”.

“We will be calm when we log our objectives”, he added, insisting that the solution “will be negotiated or achieved by force”. Putin also ensured that there are no plans for a new military movement in Russia. “A day of today is not necessary,” she considered.

A little later it was indicated that there are currently 617 million soldiers deployed “in the hostility zone”, but no warnings were revealed after the start of the offensive on February 24, 2022, which the United States estimates at 315 million soldiers killed or killed.

With information from AFP.

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