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Putin despoots the world and promises to fight against being a victim of “rusophobia”

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Vladimir Putin here’s a new one amenaza to the world place of his participation during the plenary session of the Consejo Popular Mundial Ruso where the former agent of the KGB He highlighted the posture that Western countries have implemented to promote an anti-Russia culture that is seen as “an act of aggression against our country”, the president said.

The Russian representative discussed these miracles about the present and future of Russia, emphasizing the way in which he developed a “rusophobia” who cares about the sovereignty of that country, “I would like to emphasize this: without a sober and strong Russia, no durable and stable international system is possible”.

Putin is trying to get to grips with the “rusophobia” that exists in the world, I say. Photo: Archive

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The former KGB agent launched a strong warning to the world even though he signaled to be aware of the danger that means traveling against the West: “Let us know what we are opposing. rusophobia and other forms of racist y neo-Nazism cases have converted into the official ideology of the Western ruling elites. They are directed not only against ethnic Russians, but against all groups living in Russia,” he said, quoted in the Daily Star.

In his speech, Putin said: “The West does not need, in principle, a country as large and multi-ethnic as Russia. Our diversity and unity of cultures, traditions, idioms and ethnic groups simply do not fit into the logic of Western racists and colonizers, in their cruel planes of depersonalization, separation, repression and total exploitation”.

Putin is prepared to counteract the racism that is claimed in Russia. Photo: Archive

Asimism, the Kremlin leader signaled that what is happening in the world is a direct attack against his nation that “wants to dismember and saquer Russia. If it cannot be done by force, there is discord”, I said and agreed:

“We will consider any external interference or provocation to incite an ethnic or religious conflict as an act of aggression against our country and an intent to use terrorism and extremism more often as a weapon against us, and we will respond accordingly,” Putin advised.

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