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Protests in Argentina: thousands march against the policies of the new president Javier Milei

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On this day, December 20th, thousands of people went up to the streets of Buenos Aires in Argentina to manifest itself against the current president Javier Milei and the economic plan he announced. This, after he consumed the cargo of that country for 10 days.

However, the first major brand that prevents Milei was developed in the midst of great vigilance, police control and some disturbances. Here, I keep track of it in the diary Clarinif they reported less than two people detained during the protests.

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Accidents during the march against the plan of Javier Milei

During the demonstrations there were moments of tension with the police elements. Credits: AFP.

It turns out that those and the demonstrators who came up rumble to the significant one Plaza de Mayo, they attempted to cut off one of the main circulations of the city. Despite the embargo, this generated tension with the elements of the Police responsible for supervising the protest of these honeys.

And that’s included, according to the coverage you created CNNmy president Javier Milei joined with Patricia BullrichMinister of Security, moved to the department of la Federal Police with the aim of monitoring them demonstrations now ahí. But where does so much vigilance come from?

Protocol of Javier Milei before social protests

The Milei government announced a protocol for the public order. Credits: AP.

Check that these miracles have been registered there protests organized by distinct groups — the mayoría de trabajadores — forms part of the “Protocol for the maintenance of public order before traffic courts“that the government of Javier Milei has encouraged.

I say stable protocol that both police forces and federal forces can intervene in it demonstrations which impede traffic as well as transport mediums. You can also do it in the courts at partial or total national routes and other traffic routes.

Will the government of Argentina stop social programs for those who demonstrate?

The government of Argentina has been amended to quit social programs. Credits: AP.

According to the protocol of the public order, one of the announcements that has generated the greatest alert is the one that has appointed the Minister of Human Capital of the Government of Argentina, Sandra PettovelloI informed you that the people who have decided to look after you marchas From these miracles you will not be able to access social programs.

“The only ones who don’t go to cover the plan are those who go to the march and walk down the street. I’ll tell the president: that’s not a cobra”, Pettovello informed.

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