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Professor pelea with student and the club the ones in the nariz, ya were detained

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Violence in schools is a structural problem that has subsequent consequences. On this occasion, if God knows the case of a woman identified as Noiraly del Valle, who was detained by elements of the police to star in a conversation with a student and to clap her hands in her loved one.

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The younger than 16 years old had to contact her mother to notify her about her injuries, until a doctor decided to give her a diagnosis of laceration in the nervous area of ​​the nariz due to which the older woman he caused damage in all aspects of his life.

Habitantes piden un punishment ejemplar
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The teacher who spoke against her student was identified by the authorities and is detained

If it’s about Noiraly del Valle (31) resident of the Paseo de Acurigua, main street who passes by the order of the Ministerio Público respective to that continue with the stabilizer.

Piden a punishment for the teacher and who didn’t want to jerciri
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The minute police officer explains that the 16-year-old teenager presented herself to her mother with a medical diagnosis of laceration in the region concerned with the birth syndrome. penetrating prick object (ones) to the headquarters of the area command.

He was registered at the Liceo Nacional Antonio Maceo in the population of Las Dos Bocas where the young student of the 5th year of bachillerato starred in a discussion with the teacher and took place in the section where they learned about the children and produced the lesson.

Figures of violence in schools in Venezuela

If it comes from Noiraly del Valle (31) resident of Paseo de Acurigua, Calle principal who passes to the order of the respective Ministerio Público to continue with the establishment.

Venezuela is targeting all cases of bullying involving the public, resulting in a legal offensive against violence in schools, resulting in a total of 84 charges against teenagers in the black and junior months of 2022, informed the fiscal general, Tarek William Saab.

Previously, they were checked periodically for all the years following the “prevention plan” of the Ministerio Público. This program is covered with information journals at students, padres, professors y workers of schools with information about bullying and its consequences both on victims and on their feelings, such as before criminal authorities.

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