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Professional coupon: step by step to obtain it and costs via the route

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There professional cédula e.g. a official document issued by the Dirección General de Profesiones de la Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP), which certifies studies in a university, technical or technological career of a person, who ideally poseee los acquaintances necessary to practice your profession.

Obtain this document e.g mandatory for those professionals who wants to follow the law in Mexico, like doctors, abogados, engineers, architects, public farmers, among others; además, sirve como identification For any type of means, it can be obtained by anyone who holds a professional title or equivalent academic degree.

With the document professionals guarantee their authority over their profession. Photo: Special

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How can you get through your professional cédula?

The professional certificate is essential for professional development, it can also accredit the academic preparation and authority to practice a profession, it makes it easier for you to find work opportunities. From October 2018, you can do it online, for what you only need:

  • Clave Única de Registro de Poplación (CURP)
  • E. current signature
  • Debit or credit fee to pay online
So you can go through your professional cédula. Photo: Gobierno de México

To carry out the process, the first person to do so is to enter the portal of the Professional Cédulas System, by clicking here, you will have to enter your CURP and then click on the “I am not a robot” box. When you click on “continue”, your personal information will appear and, if it is correct, again select the “I am not a robot” box and press “continue”. Tras esto, verás los data from your title or diploma, and you will have the option to pay for power unload your cédula.

  • Remember that costboth for Mexicans and foreigners with studies in Mexico, it is 2 mil 790 pesos

What happens if I don’t have my professional certificate?

The consequences of not placing the cédula are of importance, among them More evident is the impossibility of pursuing a profession regulated by the law. It’s clear that you can’t desempeñar your profession, lose opportunities laborious, difficult to obtain credits or let’s go and even podrías frentar sancioneswhich is why it is crucial to get the document ready if the studies have been completed.

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