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Producer of Star Wars sends to car wash in Chile for alleged plagiarism

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A shop car wash – located in Santiago, Chile – take a break demands part of the house productora Lucasfilm, which is a subsidiary of Disney. By acknowledging with the complaint, the company ensures that the local shop plagiarized the saga of Star WarsSince their members are seen as the iconic characters of the series and the name is very similar to the films, which have brought them millionaires to the entertainment company.

The abogados of the car wash shop, called Star Wash, they shared that the duen of the establishment – a man named Matías Jarara – was asked when he attempted to register on the shop before the Chilean patent authority, INAPI. In videos, which circulate in social circles, it is observed that the establishment dressed the workers as the characters of galactic France, who were harassed by Lucasfilm and Disney.

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The product will have legal actions against the store. Photo: @starwashchile

Dueño del lavado de autos ensure that there is no plagiarism

In the images you will find the employees characterized as they are Chewbacca, Stormtrooper, Boba Fett y Darth Vader. I think – in social circles – you are worried that the building will be used by people from Disneythe car wash dueo ensures that the name of your shop is sufficiently different from the cinematographic franchise to avoid confusion and avoid problems regarding the rights of the author of the product.

“There demands obviously we are affected because we can enjoy returns, we are a PyME (small company), we must pay heavily”, reported Matías Jara in an interview with the Reuters news agency. He added that the name of I wash my car I thought about it when I recently visited a Disney theme park in the United States. “We have a car wash that’s called Star Wash“It’s a beautiful wash, we don’t make films, we don’t sell any of them or anything,” the man pointed out.

In social circles, the washed car shares images of the people in the building. Photo: @starwashchile

What does the car wash dueño say?

In the same way, before an average Chilean, Matías reiterated that he is not plagiarizing the film saga and that his only objective is to create a family environment. “The only thing we are trying to do is to provide a family environment where people can come and wash on car in a different place, that has a distinct experience and that the experience is good, more than everything is”.

Lastly, he felt that the legal skin was quite unfair, since the product holds the fore of a gigantic international entertainment company, while it is due to a local establishment: “It’s a skin of David against Goliath, but we’re going to give please understand that this is a service from car wash and as we say, our abogados do not have a relationship with films”, he said.

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