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PRI urges you to start the 40 hour working day

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Rubén Moreirabank coordinator of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in the Chamber of Deputies, he called on the presidency of this legislative area to briefly discuss the reforma la jornada laboralto reduce the working hours a week from 48 to 40.

For this reason, Moreira Valdez, through a press release, told Marcela Guerra, president of the Mesa Directiva de San Lázaro (and also an integral part of the PRI), that the dictamen of the reform was published in the Gaceta Parlamentaria so that it could be integrated in the order of the day of the next ordinary session and, in this way, there may be some discussion and voting.

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The first person pointed out that the topic of the working day should be a priority for the camera, so you can go through the work forums in it Parliament Abierto y Mesas de Trabajo where academics, legislators, members of the federal government, representatives of the Private Initiative (IP) and analysts from different areas (sociologists, labor abogados, trade unionists, psychologists, etc.) participated, so that they convened the members of the National Regenerating Movement ( Morena) to vote in favor of this reform.

The PAN was the only party that did not vote in favor of the reform of the working day in committees

Discussion for the 40 hour day

The deputy of the PRI signaled that the entry into force of the reducción to the labor day could occur gradually as in other countries; asymism, he signaled that, in accordance with the established discussions in the legislative sphere, it can be promoted fiscal incentives so that companies that are affected when it comes to reducing their labor force, are not vulnerable to their economic solvency.

I recorded that, in agreement with the Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development (OECD), Mexico is one of the countries that most now trade in the world, including countries such as Korea, Russia or Greece. In this respect, the Organization takes care that Mexicans and Mexicans work annually with the president of 2 mil 140 hourswhile it is In Spain, 690 million were spent or 910 million in Chile.

Asimismo, la Organización Internacional del Trabajo (OIT), promotes from the decade of the 60’s that the working day should not be based on it 40 hours weekly and that, in order to benefit from this mechanism, countries that have the largest daily schedule, should implement mechanisms that incentivize entrepreneurs to see this reduction as a wind at the median and wide plaza.

Alongside this, by asking the initiative to begin, better living conditions will be promoted for the workers and workers of Mexico, since these same hours of weekly relaxation are translated into a greater relaxation day, which would be approved for the recreationhealth, family coexistence and leisure.

The initiative was presented in 2022 and they still didn’t vote for it

This is the reform of the 40 hour working day

From October 2022, Susana Prieto, voted by Morena, presented an initiative to reduce the working day from 48 to 40 hours in the Constitución Política de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos (CPEUM); For April 2023, this initiative was announced and established that for every five days of work, on days of every hour, at least two days a week are needed.

Without embargo, el National Action Party (PAN) — the only political force that did not vote in favor of the reform on the labor day — urged us to discuss this initiative with the IP, so that the reform party did not go to the plenary to be voted on; Nonetheless, the discussion was broadened, where specialists, legislators, trade unionists and academics agreed that the day should be shortened.

Subsequently, the Executive Power requested to intervene in this discussion and organise, hand in hand with the Legislative, more months of work to discuss the application of this dictamen. In this way the approval of the reducción to the day was delayed for a year, for which reason, the PRI in San Lázaro It was time for the reform to begin.

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