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Preventive prison sentence against Jonathan “N”, alleged participant in the death of young Zamir

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Family members of Zamirthe young man who died allegedly shot inside a militarized school en Tultitlánin the Mexican state, they entered the first audience in the country Jonathan “N”instructor of the school, and who had participated in the coup that ended with the life of the mentor.

Zamir was 16 years old, and was enrolled in the Aztlán school, where the boys came from. He supposedly died of one traumatism deep abdominal produced by the action of hard bodies with a firm surface which acted on the body with considerable force.

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Cae allegedly implicated in the city of Zamir, student of a college in the State of Mexico

They investigate the death of a teenager in a military school

The victim was transferred to the Cuautitlán Penitentiary Center. Credit: FGJEM

Jonathan “N” became the instructor who allegedly participated in the coup against Zamir, he was detained and will remain in prison

It is said, presumably due to a coup that they delivered to her inside her schoolanyone who has been taught by one of the instructors, recognized as Jonathan Jesus “N”, who was arrested by agents of the General Fiscalía de Justice of Edomex, and entered the Centro Penitenciario y de Reinserción Social de Cuautitlán.

The first investigations by the authorities indicate that it was inside them dormitories whence he offered her the blow with patadas y puñetazos, therefore they will be obliged to enter the area of ​​the regulators, where they azotaron against the floor. El menor attempted defenderseas determined by the police forces, but it was impossible.

The minor allegedly suffered a deep abdominal trauma. Credit: Google Maps

Authorities investigate this school for sexual abuse reported by students, similar to the Zamir case

On the other hand, the Fiscalia informed that they ensured and suspended the educational system from which they took place, as well as from which criminal conduct of the violation y sexual abuse against other students. So I’m ready, Jonathan “N” will be held in prison; a step to control the preventive prison law until they end investigations.

The next audience will take place on December 6, 2023; It will be immediately when the expansion of the data occurs, and then it will be considered bind him to trialas the defense of the Zamir family found out, for their alleged participation in those who ruined their life.

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