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Preventive prison for the femicide of Erika Guadalupe; she sat on her body on one side of the train

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ChristianC” has remained in it preventive prison for being reported for his alleged responsibility for the femicide of Erika Guadalupea young girl whose body was encountered in the process of decomposition in one train routesitems that are located on the route that includes Ejido 20 to Ejido Ohuira pertaining to the municipality of Ahome in the state of Sinaloa.

During the initial hearing of the case, the court of control granted the duplicity of the constitutional term to ChristianC“. In this sense, at this moment there will still be uncertainty regarding the legal situation of the alleged femicide of Erika Guadalupe. However, we hope that the audience will continue until the next Wednesday, November 29th.

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We hope that the audience will continue until next Wednesday, November 29th. Credit: Fiscalía de Sinaloa.

What is known about Erika Guadalupe’s feminicide

I agree with the information shared by you General Tax of Justice of the State of Sinaloawhat happened was that Erika Guadalupe —a young girl who in this context was 30 years old—was reported as disappeared from last September 17th 2021 AhomeSinaloa.

On the search card that is activated in the middle of the month Alba ProtocolIf you read that on that day at 5.35 pm, your family members would tell you that the youngster was not meeting at his home located in the Las Canteras en Los Mochis neighborhood, Ahome.

Until the end of the embargo, on October 7th of the 2021 season, it was located until the end of my life. train routes which are located in a time that goes from November 20th to December 20th. Please mention that the corresponding identification happened from the following days due to which the body was found in decomposition stage.

Erika Guadalupe was met in life on October 7, 2021. Credits: Protocolo Alba.

How many feminicides are registered in the state of Sinaloa?

Below are the data available online Executive Secretriado del Sistema Nacional de Seguridad Pública (SESNSP), from October 2023, in the state of Sinaloa they have registered a total of 25 feminicides. According to that figure, October —with six— is the state with the highest number of cases of victims of gender violence.

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