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Prevent the refugee camp to detain migrants in Texas

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El Tribunal de Apelaciones del Fifth Circuit The United States granted Texas a temporary suspension to prevent it from withdrawing the public water system installed to slow down the migrating flows, ordered by the governor Greg Abbott.

It’s a new chapter of the Texas game against the president’s rule Joe BidenIt is intended to prevent federal frontline agents from cutting or retiring the police force installed by Abbott’s frontline security initiative, according to judicial documents.

According to CCN, the time order effectively freezes the case while it passes through the court, which means that the agents of the Patrulla Fronteriza They are prohibited from cutting or quitting the púas blade at the front.

Last week, a federal vote failed in favor of the Biden administration when it denied Texas’ motion for a preliminary judicial order.

“I am pleased that the court has recognized the power of the federal government to subvert the law and order on the border of our country with Mexico,” said the fiscal general of Texas, Ken Paxton.

Meanwhile, the democratic senator, Chuck Schumer, It holds a new proposal so that Republicans intend to link front security to an additional gas package that includes new funds for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. The Republican Party in the Senate is analyzing the proposal.

Schumer I labeled it as a “golden opportunity” for republicans and said that it would allow them to offer a degree of security in front of their election with an umbrella of 60 votes.


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