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President of Ecuador decrees this and the state of exception for the escape of “Fito”

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The president of Ecuador, Daniel Noboadecreed this Monday a state of exception, the first from which began on the mandate of the 23rd of November, following the escape of the mayor’s jefe band narcocriminalAdolfo Macías, alias Fito, from a Guayaquil prison as well as a series of riots in at least six prisons in the country, which involved the retention of penitentiary guards and the quema of prisons.

“Above to sign the decree de stado de exception para que las Fuerzas Armadas keep all the political and legal support in their actions” in the streets and prisons, informed the agent through a mensaje published on my account on Instagram.

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The medical faculty a Noboawho took part in November for a year and was chosen in early comics, to move for 60 days to the soldiers in the streets and on entry into the penitentiary, leading to a “serious internal emotion” in the nation, as well as suspending behind citizens.

Packed cargoes en route to “Fito” in Ecuador

With the decree de stado de excepción the Armed Forces will be able to enter the penitentiaries. PHOTO: AFP

There fiscal from Ecuador informed on Mondays in the red social criminal the domingo.

The authorities continue searching for more Adolfo Macíasalias “Fito”, 44-year-old leader of the feared “Los Choneros” gang, who disputes the routes for him in a bloody way drug trafficking with other delicious groups with connections with cards from Mexico and Colombia.

More recently, the government’s communications secretary, Roberto Izurieta, confirmed on the “Teleamazonas” channel that “the most probable” is that “infiltrations” en la carcel Upon an imminent security operative and Macías escaped “hours before”.

Second occasion when “Fito” escapes from prison

The authorities continue looking for Adolfo Macías, alias “Fito”, leader of the feared gang of “Los Choneros”. PHOTO: AFP

The commander of the PoliciaGeneral César Zapata admitted to the Domingo that “it is possible to attack the presence of one of the internal officers” with the entry of the public force into a penitentiary of the Guayaquilean port where the criminal leader should be.

Phyto“, who was in the Regional prison, with capacity for 4 million 400 people, has since 2011 completed a 34-year sentence for organized, drug-trafficking and drug-related crime. This was the second occasion that “Phyto” escape from prison.

In 2013, together with others presI will avoid prison checks with the highest security known as La Roca, in Guayaquil. He was recaptured three months ago.

The president of Ecuador, Daniel Noboa. PHOTO: AFP

Izurieta complained that “the level of infiltration” of them group delictivos in the State “it is very great” and called “failed” by the violent penitentiary system of Ecuadorwhere on this month “incidents” were reported in prisons in six provinces, according to the prison body SNAI.

With information from EFE and AFP

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