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Pope Francisco: “You never talk to the devil”

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Pope Francisco began a new cycle of catechesis entitled “The Vices and the Virtues” from which he said “Be careful” because the devil “is a seductor”

“With the devil, queridos hermanos y hermanas, no dialogue ever. There’s no need to discuss it. Jesus never spoke to the devil, he expelled him, and when he held her in the desert, he did not respond to the dialogue. He simply responded with the words of the Sacred Writing, with the Word of God.

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The Sumo Pontifical asked the people to listen well and be attentive. PHOTO: Pablo Esparza.

There are more lists than the Devil, advising the Pope

The Sumo Pontifical was more likely to be dependent on the messages that are received day after day, due to the fact that the devil can be more than many people, a situation that can be paid for with creces.

The Obispo of Rome said “guard the heart” to prevent any temptation. In the Bible, he commented, there are values ​​and secrets to avoid being committed to the Devil.

Pope Francisco: “The devil is engañoso and can destroy himself”

“The devil acts many times under the appearance of good. Therefore, in our Christian life it is fundamental to discern whether our thoughts and desires come from God or, on the contrary, from the adversary. For this it is necessary that we remain always vigilant and, above all, guarding our heart”.

He recorded the case of Adán and Eva, the first children of God. PHOTO: Pablo Esparza

I use Pope Francisco as an example to Adán and Eva, of those gods who broke the harmony with the Creator by being engaged by the shattered devil.

“In the story of Adán and Eve, for example, we, like God, want to preserve the humanity of the presumption of omnipotence, to querer be like God. Instead, they succumb to temptation, do not recognize their own limitations, arrogance enters their hearts and breaks the harmony with God, and evil is the same punishment”.

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