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Pope Francisco: let him seek God as he hier the Reyes Magos

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El Papa Francisco celebrated the Misa for the Epiphany of the Lord describing the journey that the three Reyes Magos took and being able to meet the little Jesus in order to be able to adore him.

“The star that shines in the sky sent him along the paths of the earth; raising the head of the top they are forced to descend the bottom; searching for God they are invited to meet him in the man, in a little boy who lies in a fish, because God, who is infinitely great, has revealed himself in this small, infinitely small one”, said the representative of the Catholic Church.

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Pope Francisco: “Abramos paths of peace and reconciliation in the world”

Pope Francis gives a message on his last night of the year: “gratitude and hope”

Let the people continue praying and follow the example of the saints. PHOTO: Pablo Esparza.

Let people look for light and love

With six thousand fieles gathered in the Basilica of San Pedro, Pope Francisco kept his straight gaze high to be the “buscadores of light and love”.

“If we live enclosed in the extreme confines of worldly things, if we march with the low head behind our brokenness and regrets, if we are happy lovers and worldly comforts in the place of being seekers of light and love, our life is satisfying”.

The leader of the Catholic Church offered advice to the people who listened to him. PHOTO: Pablo Esparza.

Los Reyes Magos marked the example of humanity

Pedro’s Sucesor signaled that he must seek God as he had told the Reyes Magos

“Encounter God in flesh and blood, in the faces that pass by our side every day, especially the younger ones. The Magicians teach us that our encounter with God opens up a greater hope, which allows us to change our style of life and transform the world.”

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