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Pope Francisco asks Mexicans to collaborate to help the victims of Acapulco

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El Pope Francisco during the General Audience, he addressed the feelings and pilgrims present in the Paul VI Hall by expressing that “this is much better, but I am struggling to be left behind”, because Monsignor was there. Filippo Ciampanellimy member of the Secretariat of the State of the Holy Seethe entrustment of reading the catechesis of Pope Francisco.

At the end of the Audience, el Pope Francisco I sent greetings to my friends Fundación Teletoninviting you to participate to help the damned people of the Puerto de Acapulco occasionadas por el huracánOtis”.

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Velan por afectados

Pope Francisco sends an emotional message about the tragedy of Acapulco

“Mexican queridos, I invite them to collaborate for their victims AcapulcoI invite you to include all the people with disabilities in Mexico, let us against the society of the descarte, Let’s defend dignity of each person.”

Don de Dios

El Pope Francisco in its catechesis dedicated to the announcement of the Gospel where the Holy Spirit is the “protagonist” and that without it, “the announcement of the apostolic heaven would appear in vain”.

El Espíritu Santo inspires the mission with creativity and simplicity Credits: Pablo Esparza

“Sin el Espíritu Santo the apostolic heaven would seem vain, if it would be converted into something only ours and it would not bear any real fruit. The Church does not announce itself as such, until it announces a grace, a gift, precisely the “Don de Dios”, with mayúsculas, que es su mismo Espíritu”.

Furthermore, the Holy Spirit generates “the mission with creativity and ease”

“El Espíritu Santo inspires the mission with creativity and simplicity; two distinctive notes that we call to live ours too. In the first place, pastoral creativity, to announce to Jesus in all circumstances and always seek new evangelizing paths that go to the men and women of our time. And so, enlightened by the Holy Spirit, we must turn to the sources of the first announcement and transmit the essence of our life, with freshness and enthusiasm”.


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