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Pope Francis gives a message on his last night of the year: “gratitude and hope”

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In the hopes of the solemnity of the Holy Mary, mother of God and Te Deum With thanks at the end of the year, Pope Francisco hails in his homily the gratitude and hope that the Virgin Mary holds.

“The faith of Jesus Christ, God incarnated, born of the Virgin Mary, gives a new way of feeling time and life. I summed it up in two words: gratitude and hope,” he expressed.

Pope Francis hails in his family the gratitude and hope that the Virgin Mary holds. Photo: Pablo Esparza

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Pope Francisco celebrated this late in Rome, in the Basilica of San Pedro.

“In this Liturgy you breathe another atmosphere: the atmosphere of peace, the atmosphere, the atmosphere of gratitude. And this happens not because of the majesty of the Basilica, not because of the lights and the songs; These things are more consequential, until the mystery that the antiphon of the first psalm was expressed as follows: ¡Maravilloso interchange! El Creador took a soul and a body, he was born of a virgin; […] nos da su divinidad”.

With respect to gratitude, I serve as an example to the Virgin Mary.

“We think of the gratitude that we had to hear Mary contemplating Jesus’ birth. It is an experience that only a mother can have, and yet, in her, the Mother of God, she has a unique, incomparable depth,” she indicated.

Pope Francisco noted that the Church learns the gratitude and hope of the Virgin Mary.

“It would be said that God chose her, Mary of Nazareth, because in her heart there was a reflection of her own hope. The same thing had infused her with her spirit. María has always been full of love, full of grace, and because of this she is also full of confidence and hope,” he expressed.

At the end of the celebration, the pontiff headed to the church that is located in the Plaza de San Pedro to have a moment of prayer.

He looked for a moment at the door to speak. Photo: Pablo Esparza


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