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Policies of the CDMX avoid a suicide in hopes of navigation in Coyoacán

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For some, the December holidays mean love and friendship with family, but for others it can reveal a picture of depression that leads them to try against their life. One of these stories is about to get to the cabo this Sunday 24th December at the cross of Calzada de Tlalpan with Calzada Taxqueña.

It was about a young man who tried to jump off a peatonal bridge with the aim of committing suicide; However, thanks to the intervention of elements of the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana, this assumption did not lead to a tragic conclusion.

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Pretend to launch the bridge that crosses the 2 avenues

Police prevented the youth’s suicide

In order to ensure that the person who met at the top of the bridge located at the point mentioned in the Coyocán hothouse, SSC uniforms attempted to establish the dialogue.

It made many people aware that they wanted to go with their life, so they wanted to look at the lower structure of their various cars.

Several minutes passed between the officers and the victim. This helps ensure that one of the elements can be placed on one side of the child.

If you carry it on your arm, one of the police will be able to contain it. With the help of another officer who was subjected to a truck to shorten the distance between the bridge and the ground and one more who was subjected to the citizen, they managed to close it to this point without suffering any harm.

Thus was the youth’s rescue on a bridge in Coyoacán

They will toast you emotional help

By understanding what the implementation protocol marks in these cases, the officials not only prevented the man from being disturbed by the structure, but also helped him to receive psychoemotional support.

The police of the capital are able to negotiate to prevent people at risk against their own lives, in many of their rescas including those who risk taking such risks in order to save citizens.

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