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Policies help abuelita who didn’t record how to go home

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A woman aged 80 years old, who found herself noticeably disoriented and did not remember what the journey back to her home was, was helped by elements of the Banking and Industrial Policy on the streets of the Benito Juárez alcaldía.

“Those who happened when the officers who carried out a security and vigilance record, were requested by various neighbors of the colony Nonoalcopeople indicated that in the corner of the streets Antonio Van Dick y Leonardo da Vincia person goes to the doors of different lives, without apparent reason.

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“The uniforms met at once adult mayor disoriented, because they approached her and wrote a friendly plagiarism with the aim of calming her down”, signaled the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana via a press release.

Tras verify that, in fact, the woman did not record the journey home, the political elements decided to look at it in the installations of political demarcation, in their hope familiars.

The woman’s son reunited with his family. Photo: SSC-CDMX

Return to Abuelita with her son

De acuerdo con la dependencia, los elements de la Banking and Industrial Policy get the personal help of the Centro de Apoyo a Personas Extraviadas y AusentesBefore now you have reported the disappearance of the woman.

“Posteriorly, a las instalaciones de la social representation a man arrived, who identified himself as the woman’s boy, who asked him to approach him mamatras acreditar su parenthetical and I appreciate the attention that the officials have given us in our family,” he concluded.

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