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Please note: how much you have to pay to be considered middle class or high class at world level

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Some experts consider it a mistake to bind a certain entry fee to one social class. The opportunities of each individual must be determined, not defined by aspects limited to their economic situation. However, others consider that the quantity of money is an important factor for the division. How do you know that people belong to middle or high school level at world level?

The Pew Investigative Center determined what people needed to do to belong to them social classes medium or high. This organization has data of an independent character, which provides public information on trends existing worldwide. Through an evaluation carried out in 2020 over them entrances For people at world level, they can establish the indicated parameters.

In Mexico, income determines the belonging to the middle or high social strata. Source: Pinterest

Entries according to each social class

The Pew Investigations Center considered that only 17 percent of the world’s people could be considered middle class, so that between 10 and 20 dollars per day on average, it is estimated that 170 to 340 pesos (at the exchange rate) actual). Además, I mean that a person you care about entrances there are 10 million pesos monthly in a house of four people belonging to the low income group. If a woman or a man earns 20 million pesos per month and lives in a house with four people, these incomes correspond to the income of an upper class person.

Since the embargo in the United States, it will vary considerably according to them entrancesthe social class. A man or woman who earns 1175 dollars a month (more than 20 million pesos) in a house of four people is low income. Middle class people earn at least 5 million dollars, more than 85 million pesos per month. How you can observe differs significantly with respect to Mexico.

According to the intermediate entrances, you can determine at world level which class is high or middle class. Source: Pinterest

It is worth noting that at the global level, people earn an average of 20 dollars a day. If the sum varies between 20 and 50 dollars per month it is classified as a entrance average, it is estimated, is 850 pesos per day (according to the type of actual exchange rate). Those who earn more than 50 dollars per day (850 pesos up front) correspond to social class alta or ingresos altos, compliant with the Pew Research Center report. In United States, a home of four people worth 8 million dollars monthly (more than 136 million pesos) can be classified as high class. In the United Kingdom, this remuneration should be 6 million pounds per month (a little more than 126 million pesos).

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