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Please advise that you will intensify your attacks against Israel and carry out redress if you do not fulfill your demands

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The war conflict between Israel and Hamas no cesa. Now, a spokesman for the terrorist group – identified as Abu Obeida – launched new amenazas against Israeli authorities. Of course, with the mention of Obeida, the organization to which he belongs plans to raise new ground ataques contra civilis and, in the event that they do not cumplan sus demandscomenzarán asesinar to rehenes.

“He who comes is worse and greater,” said Abu Obeida when he spoke about a shooting attack ordered by Hamás in a bus parade in Jerusalem, in which three Israeli civilians died: a woman of 20 years, a woman of a 60 year old and a 74 year old man.

The spokesperson of Hamás assured that they will begin to asesinar rehenes. Photo: AP.

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What were the new amenazas of Hamás?

Those who happened on the bus parade were caught by security cameras. In the images we see the pious people, hoping for public transport, when a white car appears on the stage; of the vehicle descended from the armed men, who were then asked to shoot at the civilians. Subsequently, these terrorists were chased by soldiers who encountered off duty at this time and other civilians, who were in the area and were responsible for what happened.

Through this attack, Abu Obeida – spokesperson of Hamas – went up to the light to send new amenazas to the Israeli government. The man assured that “what comes is worse and greater”. He said that the organization will begin execute in los rehenes israelíes yes Israel no cumple with sus demands.

My members of Hamás believe that Israel fulfills its demands to liberate the kingdoms. Photo: AP.

How many rehenes does Hamás hold?

The authorities of Israel estimate that Hamas It also holds 137 people as refugees in the Gaza Strip, while activists say the elder of 7 million Palestinians are in Israeli prisons. Now, the spokesperson of the terrorist group said that the truce period demonstrated its credibility and that the reward was low, no prisoner would be arrested, except that Israel accepted the terms and demands of the organization.

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