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Plan your living program at Edomex to give you a decent home

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The Instituto Mexiquense de la Vivienda Social (Imevis)in charge of the administration of Delfina Gómez, Alista buys construction supplies for home improvement, which will equip her with materials and articles to adapt the residences in the state.

Acquired with the restricted bid with folio IRP-IMEVIS-04-2023Published this week, the department helps you understand the basics of purchasing packages of construction materials, which consist of packages of work and equipment that will include concrete blocks, solar heaters and vats.

In the description of the goods, the Imevis solicits 550 packages which include 15 blocks of cement each, as well as 750 packages of solar heaters which have a capacity of 100 liters of water and 700 tanks with a capacity of 100 liters of water each.

The invitation was first made by Imevis in a national public tender at the beginning of November, however, it was considered a desirable place in which the participating companies did not fulfill the specifications of the material that the annex was looking for.

According to the bases, the materials will be considered in the physical spaces available to the adjudicated tester until the dependency determines its use.

“Beginning with the communication of the fault and until 31 December 2023, in the understanding that the total payment of the benefits can be solicited at any moment of the stable period, it is decided that it will tend to be completed with the programming phases” , the document says.

The program is based on “Families for a better life”, which took place in the administration of the former governor Alfredo Del Mazo.


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