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Place third body of worker caught in mine ‘El Pinabete’

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The National Coordination of Civil Protection (CNPC), led by Laura Velázquez Alzúa, informed that rescataron the body of a third worker of the mine “El Pinabete” in the community of Agujita in Sabinas, the rest of the mines were hauled in the same area that the first miners recovered a few days ago.

The authorities have followed the protocol established by the Unified Authority compliant with the National Civil Protection Commission, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) and the Secretaría de la Defense Nacional (Sedena), the body of the recovered mine will be sent to identification processthis with the aim of providing certainty, immediately to the families affected by this accident.

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Locate the cores of the captured mines in El Pinabete

Localize the mining of mined mines in “El Pinabete”, there are no direct indications of them yet

The owner of the CNPC confirmed the outcome of the third body entered into the “El Pinabete” mine. PHOTO: CUARTOSCURO

Will I follow the rescue operations on my “Pinabete”?

The owner of the CNPC expresses the communication methods that excavation operations they continue in the areas affected by the specialists as the highest probability of hallazgo. From now on with Velázquez Alzúa the rescue actions will continue as long as all the bodies sean rescued to be consulted by your respective family members through the corresponding experts.

“Now, the family members of the mines have carried out a journey through the area of ​​galleys where the excavation works are carried out, completing with the compromise of providing periodic updates to the extent that the recovery operations are progressing”, explained the owner of the CNPC to different people communication mediums.

The fishing labors are not paran, otherwise they meet you are mineros más. PHOTO: CUARTOSCURO

How many mines have been redeemed until December 30th?

Two days ago the authorities confirmed that they were located cuerpos de two people who form part of the group of 10 mines who were caught by the accident on the “El Pinabete” mine, which occurred in August 2022. At the beginning of December we will know that the search and location tasks will begin caught mineros and, within the 19-meter line of fenced material and poles inside the gallery of mine were the first hallazgos.

The removal of waste and various materials aided in preventing the mines from being encountered. PHOTO: CUARTOSCURO

Ayer was informed that a third body If you have met, look for where the other two bodies have been located, which means that until the moment there are three bodies of mines that have been rescued, the rescue operations will follow and the rescued bodies are waiting, ready to meet the others, you are the hearts of the mines that landed last August 03, 2022.

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