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Pitón of 3 meters attaches to the man and can be bitten

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A hombre self enfrentó to a snake python three meters wide to meet her on the road when she was passing by on her motorcycle in the province of Bohol Filipinasa situation that led to the last consequences and that both fought to survive the attack of their enemy.

The man identified as Boljulio Aleria de 48 years Edad was surprised by the enormous snake that quickly came to bite him in one of his hands and in his arm to then sneak into the waist of his victim to try to move him.

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The python snake bit the hand and arm of the Filipino motorcyclist. Photo: Archive

Once bitten, the man will survive at the point of the python

When Boljulio Aleria was riding on his motorbike, I looked at the meters close to the snake python and thought that I was just about to cross the chimney; without embargo, he was attacked directly by the ser bite from above hand. To the truth that he was on the run, the motorcyclist used his free hand to hit the reptile and take it by the back to free him.

With one of his arms removed and with the other supporting the serpent’s neck, the Filipino only held his mouth as the only weapon to defend himself with which he began to bite el cuello de la serpent pit three meters wide during the less than 10 minutes that the attack lasted.

The python died to be bitten several times by the man. Photo: Freepik

Once attacked by the snake, the python snake must be taken to Aleria until finally the man can grab the reptile’s skin so that it ended up killing and freeing the motorcyclist who was hurt by the bites that the snake hit at the moment of the bite. attack it.

In order to survive, Boljulio Aleria was taken to a hospital in the city of Tagbilaran where he was attended to by his hand and arm that suffered the bites of the python snake, where he was able to move his grips, slowly devouring his entire body.

I saw you as a consequence of the seas of great loss of blood that I suffered through the bites that hid the python three meters wide, I said to The Philippine Star. The motorcyclist can survive the attack of the python snake which is not poisonous, fortunately for the man who took his life with one of these reptiles.

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