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PHOTOS | There are more than 50 missing people traveling to Japan

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More than 50 people were reported as disappeared in moments that rescuers are eager to reach hundreds of people on the island three days after the devastator earthquake that there were 78 deaths in Japan.

The Rededor of a dozen communities remain uncommunicated due to slides and blocked paths in central Japan, the epicenter of Monday’s magnitude 7.5 earthquake. The mighty thunder, followed by hundreds of repliesleft at minus 330 heridosaccording to the official balance.

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PHOTOS | Rescue efforts continue in earthquake-stricken areas in Japan

Six died due to the 7.6 earthquake in Japan

The authorities published a list of 51 people whose parade has not been confirmed. Destruction scene hub located on the coast Hanamizuwith plastered cars under the crumbling concrete and crawling facades of the buildings.

Miles de soldiers, bomberos y policies of all Japan they are stripped between the escombros of Madeira houses collapsadas and commercial buildings derribados in search of street signs.

Destruction scenes can be repeated on some sites. Photo: AFP

Unas 29 mil casas estaban sin electricity in the prefecture of Ishikawa, on the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan, and more than 110 million houses from Ishikawa and two older regions are left in the water. Small communities in the region Noto peninsula they are sitting on the streets, with 300 people desperately hoping for help in a school in the locality of Ooya.

“Even if the two of them brought me to my children, they wouldn’t be enough. I wouldn’t eat them at all on two days,” said a mother of three children in the area. Suzu to the diary Asahi Shimbun.

The emergency services continue working at forced marches. Photo: AFP

The search for sobrevivientes continues

In the city of Nanaothe traffic control policy tells drivers that they are giving priority to emergency vehicles on one of the main access roads Wajimawhere a fire engulfed an area of ​​traditional Madeira houses.

“Consider continuing or risk encountering a huge one vehicular congestion forward”, said a traffic official to the drivers.

Some houses that I currently manage to develop were fenced off. Photo: AFP

En one gasolinera look for a large line of cars waiting for it to open. So far no fuel shortage has been reported, but the workers at the stations said they were running out reasoning the gasoline.

On Mondays, the replicas of the earthquake caused waves 1.2 meters high in Wajima and tsunamis menores in other sites. National television broadcaster NHK reported that a person was swept away by a tsunami in the Suzu area, Noto peninsula.

Communication routes that connect to distinct communities were affected. Photo: AFP

“This is a very difficult situation, I must make every effort to save and rescue as many lives as possible for this night, when the critical 72 hours after the disaster are completed,” declared the first minister Fumio Kishida at a cabinet meeting.

Japan experiment hundreds of telecom movements Every year and in most cases they do not cause damage due to their strict seismic construction codes. The country still suffered the trauma caused by a magnitude 9 earthquake in 2011, which generated a destructive tsunami that barricaded the northern coasts and was looking for 18 million 500 deaths or disappearances.

People try to rescue some of their poses. Photo: AFP

This disaster caused a nuclear accident at the power station Fukushimathe worst after the catastrophe of Chernobyl in 1986.

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