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PHOTOS | Rescue efforts continue in earthquake-stricken areas in Japan

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Los rescue team y las canine units they urgently searched among the escombros under a winter chill in which the first minister of Japan called it like a road contracting the place of the powerful earthquakes that swept away the west of Japan and left at least 62 dead and it is believed that documents of atrapados below the ruined buildings.

The prefecture of Ishikawa and the nearby areas recorded a powerful aftershock of magnitude 4.9 in the valley, among the documents that followed the earthquake of magnitude 7.6 two days ago.

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According to the experts, the first 72 hours are especially critical because of the possibilities of supervivencia disminuyen much after three days.

“You have passed more than 40 hours. This is a road against the watch and I feel like we are in one critical moment. We have received reports of many who are still hoping to be rescued from destroyed buildings”, I said to the first minister Fumio Kishida to reporters.

Suman perros a las labores de rescate

Los emergency teams they divide water, mantas, food and others among the affected people. The stretch of the peninsula Known He has also been numbed by access to some communities. Water, electricity and mobile telephone services are available in some areas.

“Case no quedan casas en pie. They are partially or totally destroyed,” I said Masuhiro Izumiyamayor of the city of Suzu, who suffered important damage.

Specialists try to rescue people from among the escombros. Photo: AFP

Ademas de militaris y bomberosat the operative they have united some trackers to negotiate with the teachers who believe they are attracted, although the exact figure was not clear.

There weather forecast advirtió de intense rains in it Ishikawa, which raised the fear to possible deslaves and greater harm in average ruined homes. The temperatures have also dropped to negative values.

Inhabitants of the affected areas rebuild their homes

Of the culprits, 29 were in the city Wajima y others 22 en Suzu, agreed with the authorities of the Ishikawa prefecture. Docenas most sufrieron serious injuries, also in nearby prefectures. Other deceased persons have pending confirmation Wajimaso the total number of fatalities could reach 64.

Ensuring adequate water supply and health services for evacuees was a priority, said the governor of Ishikawa, Hiroshi Hasewho encouraged everyone to use masks, antiseptics and jabón to avoid the spread of infectious diseases, another growing concern in the region in which the stay in the evacuation centers is prolonged.

The earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit dozens of vehicles. Photo: AFP

But the residents on the coast are reassembling the piezas, as they are Kazuyuki Iwaike, who lives in Noto who is absorbed in his thoughts while clearing up his life. She avoided death by pure chance: she was not at home when the tsunami hit.

“I always thought that this was someone else’s problem, I thought it was impossible to get a tsunami“, signaled.

Decades of cities were affected by the natural phenomenon. Photo: AFP

The authorities advised that the situation was unpredictable and that they could record it earthquake even more powerful. Como nación inclined to los earthquakeswith serious faults and many volcanoes, Japan is no stranger to disasters, including the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis that affected the country’s north in 2011.

Japan It is also an organised, conformist society with a relatively low crime rate, where alerts are issued systematically as a public service. Los experts en disasters They pointed out that this helps to save lives, but advise the people who do not keep their guard.

Including the boats sufrieron the earthquake stragos. Photo: AFP

Los boats yacían volcados en el agua, las carreteras They are blocked by land sheep and the mousers collect piles and walls of dirty lives. A major fire occurred in an area of ​​the city Wajima to cenizas.

Furthermore, there are variations in the region nuclear power plantsHowever, no major problems or increases in radiation levels were reported. The plan of Shikaen Ishikawaa partial power cut was required, but the reserve system came into operation immediately to guarantee the continuity of the critical refrigeration process.
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