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PHOTOS | Rescatan to 13 myths who live in clandestine crime

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Three myths that survive in deplorable health conditions inside a shrine, located in the Cuauhtémoc colony of the alcaldía Magdalena Contrerasthey were redeemed by capital authorities.

Thanks to one anonymous complaintelements of the Magdalena Contreras alcaldía and various dependencies of the capital’s government were linked to the site, where they certified the conditions reported for the citizenry.

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“Personal of the Alcaldía attended to the Cuauhtémoc colony to await an anonymous complaint for abandonment and abused animal, in coordination with FIDAMPU, the Tax Agency of the City of Mexico and the PAOT, 13 Pitbull breed dogs were rescued. “In La Magdalena We will not tolerate the mistreated animal!”, wrote in the story of X the mayor of the entity, Luis Gerardo Quijano.

The dogs were looked after by local authorities. Photo: X / La Magdalena Contreras

Los criaban para peleas

I agree with the first results of the investigations conducted by the General Tax of Justice of the City of Mexicothe dogs were trained to participate in clandestine dogs.

On the reported site, you will also find numerous jaulas and spaces full of suiciedad, they halloron them corpses Of three dogs, these only need a little bit of salt to avoid decomposition.

The perros show different signs of mistreatment. Photo: X / La Magdalena Contreras

“In the operation, 13 dogs from the Pitbull breed were rescued, of which 3 (two males and one dog), they were found in view of the Veterinary clinic of the Alcaldía La Magdalena Contreras, where they are attended by veterinary doctors.

Three of the animals have injuries that have been expected. Photo: X / La Magdalena Contreras

“Additionally, we called our neighbors report before the corresponding authorities (Citizen Security Secretariat, Health Secretariat or the PAOT), all in all, an omission which may be considered as mistreated and/or harm the well-being of them company animals”, detailed the boiler, in a press release.

In the prediction presumably the pears were created for clandestine peleas. Photo: X / La Magdalena Contreras

Product of this operation no hubo detenciones porque, de acuerdo with periodic versions, the presumed person responsible for the crime murió happens some time.

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