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PHOTOS | Renew Israel’s bombardments in the Gaza Strip

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The combats were resurrected there Franja de Gaza immediately after the conclusion of a one-week truce between Israel and Hamás, with the search for 30 Palestinian deaths at the moment, according to the authorities of the Islamist movement in the enclave.

“Hamas violated the operational pause and disappeared into Israeli territory. Las Israeli Defense Forces they announced the fight against the terrorist organization Hamás in the Gaza Strip,” the Israeli army said in a statement.

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The announcement is made by God that the Israeli Defense Forces will intercept a fighter launched from there Gaza, the first from the first day of the truce, the 24th of November. A strong search to Hamás indicated that the armed force of the organization received the order to renew the fight and defend the Franja de Gaza.

The health care ministry, in the hands of Hamas, he indicated shortly after that 29 people died in France following the renewal of the combats. You are murieron en Jabaliya and the city of Gazadoce en Jan Yunis y Rafahon the top, and others say it Al Maghaziin the center of La Franja.

Acaban los combates with hope of truce

The recovery of the combats God in the midst with the hope of extending the truce of six days that allowed the release of dozens of prisoners in exchange for Palestinian prisoners in the hands of Israel and facilitated the entry of aid to the Franja de Gaza.

However, the negotiations between the two tenders, with the Cathar and Egyptian mediators, continue in the near future, following a source of information regarding the conversations.

The secretary of the North American State, Antony BlinkenHe reunited with the Palestinian and Israeli authorities, urged them to extend the truce, and advised that in the event of returning to combat they must protect the Palestinian civilians.

The location of Rafah was one of the most affected by the bombers. Photo: AFP

The truce marked a pause in the fighting that began on October 7 when the militants Hamas irrumpieron en Israelin a surprise attack that resulted in 200 deaths, in its majority of civilians, and 240 kidnapped, according to Israeli authorities.

In response, Israel promised to eliminate him Hamas and triggered a campaign of air and land attacks in Gaza which, under the rule of Hamás, has ended by more than 15 million deaths, in its civilian mayors.

During the truce mediated by Qatar80 Israeli prisoners were freed in exchange for 240 Palestinian prisoners. More than 20 foreigners, among the majority of Thais rooted in Israel, were freed at the edge of the dog’s heart. During the night, six Israelis were freed, now after the salt of two women’s reins.

The attacks caused decades of death. Photo: AFP

With him, the total number of free reins and the players will be released, less than 10 per day that must be released Hamas follow the warning of truce. A source from the Islamist group indicated that it was included in the list of Russian-Israeli women, liberated by the miracle.

The liberation was a relief Keren Shem, cuya hija Mia was one of the queens who came up. The family disclosed images of Keren cheering with joy to be informed of the impending freedom of her daughter.

Suspended exchange of reins for prisoners

Shortly after the arrival of the prisoners in Israel, the country’s penitentiary service announced the release of 30 other Palestinian prisoners, 23 minors and six women. Blinken showed that Washington I want to see that this process advances.

A source seeks to Hamas I ensured that the group supported another extension, and the brokers attempted to extend the pause, but the negotiation seemed to have collapsed. Israel made it clear that the truce was a temporary pause to ensure the liberation of the kings.

The attacks have resurfaced in the region. Photo: AFP

“We swear to eliminate Hamás and nothing will detain us”, expressed the first Israeli minister, Benjamin Netanyahuin a video released by his office he reunited with Blinken, but on the government he raised increasing pressure to explain how he will protect the civilians of the territory, who are facing a blockade and can’t wait to get up.

Blinken advised that the rehabilitation of the las Israeli military actions Planes must be set in place that minimize the deaths of innocent Palestinians and delimit clearly and precisely the areas and places of the south and center of Gaza where they can be safe and at the edge of the fire line.

The bombers came out minutes after the end of the truce. Photo: AFP

International organizations have requested more time to provide medical supplies, food and fuel to Gaza, from which it is estimated that 1.7 million people have wanted to leave their homes. The truce allowed people to return to the ruins of their homes to obtain their belongings among the escombros.

“We fear that the truce will end and that the problems and the bombers will return. I hope that the truce will be restored so that peace prevails and we can return home”, he declared Mohamad Naasanan inhabitant of Gaza.

The violence outside the Gaza Franja continues

But the truce did not stop the violence on other sides. The morning of the players, two armed men disappeared at a bus parade en Jerusalem where three people were killed, an action recommended by Hamás. Los atacantes fueron abatidos.

Asimism, dos Israeli soldiers There were minor injuries in a car parked against a police station in the occupied West Bank, the army informed.

Decades of people flew to their homes to try to recover their belongings. Photo: AFP

The violence in Gaza also increased tensions there West Bankwhereby 240 Palestinians have died at the hands of Israeli soldiers or settlers since October 7, following the Palestine Authoritybased on it Ramala.

En tanto, the diary The New York Times It was publicized that Israel received information that Hamás was preparing a major attack, before the incursion on October 7 that ended the war, but ignored the warning.

With information from AFP

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