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PHOTOS: powerful storm in Argentina after the 16th death

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The authorities of Argentina they confirmed that at least 16 people have lost their lives as a consequence of a severe temporalwhat has become intense lluvias y winds more than 150 kilometers per hour. For one thing, the government of Uruguay detailed that the most people in the country were killed by this natural phenomenon.

In Argentina 14 people were killed by the storm, which also destroyed flora. Photo: AFP.

The storm first affected the city Bahia Blanca, in the province of Buenos Aires, where they reported winds between 100 and 130 kilometers per hour. The president of Argentina arrived in the area, Javier Milei and ministers of your Cabinet, people gathered to know the report of damage and to follow up on the situation that currently exists in the area.

President Javier Milei met with his cabinet ministers in Bahía Blanca. Photo: AFP.

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Who knows about the storm that occurred 16 deaths in Argentina?

El Servicio Meteorológico de Argentina issued, at the end of the week, an alert to warn citizens about the intense torments and winds which are registered in different parts of the country. The message asked Argentinians to avoid climbing out of their houses due to them lluvias intense, strong gusts and occasional drops of granite. According to the official reports, from meteorological authorities, wind noises of up to 140 kilometers per hour were recorded, as well as those which caused falls of trees, public lighting posts and some columns.

The wind destroyed foil walls, public lighting posts and trees. Photo: AFP.

Middle locals reported that one of the main effects was the destruction of the Floris Generica, a sculpture that forms part of the main tourist attractions of Buenos Aires. It is a sculpture of stainless maple and aluminum, which weighs 18 tons and thus resulted in severe material damage among the strongest winds that were recorded in the country. However, this information from the government is not the first time that Floralis Generica has been damaged by a storm.

One of the most famous sculptures in Buenos Aires, also resulted in damage. Photo: AFP.

Internet users share videos of the winds

Through the social media, decades of Internet users documented and disseminated information where the intensity of the winds was observed. In the images you can see letters on the floor, branches of trees and light cables pulled on the floor. Likewise, one of the most viral videos shows a woman struggling to resist intense climatic conditions.

Please mention that the Argentine authorities do not confirm the total number of fallacious personsDon’t forget that with the passing of time the figure increases, as the escapades that still remain on the streets were removed.

The number of injuries and faults could increase. Photo: AFP.

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