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PHOTOS | North Korea intensifies its pruebas with crucero missiles

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North Korea He scattered various cruise missiles on the Western coast, following the South Korean army, in the latest of the multiple armament attacks carried out by Pyongyang this year.

“The army of South Korea “I detected several unfamiliar cruise ships launched in the West Sea of ​​North Korea at 07:00,” I said. Estado Mayor Conjunto of the country in a press release.

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Acusan in North Korea launches cruising missiles at the Amarillo Sea

The intelligence agencies of South Korea y United States I’m doing a detailed analysis, I confirmed the text.

“Our army is cooperating closely with the United States, as well as strengthening the follow-up and vigilance and monitoring of research activities North Korea“, he added.

The weapons of ballistic missiles are located near the coast of North Korea. Photo: KCNA

North Korean products do not violate UN treaties

Unlike ballistic missiles, the test of crucero missiles It is not prohibited under the sanctions regime applied by it United Nations over North Korea. These projectiles usually operate with a retropropulsion system and fly at a lower altitude than ballistic missiles, which also makes them more difficult to detect and intercept.

Kim Jong Un supervised the launching of projectiles. Photo: KCNA

In the last few months, the relationships between the two Koreas if they have deteriorated significantly, with suspension of sharpness to contain tension, increase in frontal vigilance or manipulations with real focus, search for the line that divides the peninsula.

Pyongyang has accelerated the armament tests in the past year. This week he claimed he had discovered a submarine nuclear weapons system and a Hipersonic ballistic missile of solid fuel.

The development of these weapons could be used to help Russia. Photo: KCNA

On Mondays in the mid-summers North Korea reported that the leader Kim Jong Un he supervised the launch carried out by a submarine of a new strategic cruise missile. Last week, Pyongyang also experienced a new generation of nuclear missiles for the first time.

“You believe that North Korea has stepped up the massive production of crucero missiles pedidos por Russia“, said Ahn Chan-il, a deserter turned analyst who heads the Instituto Mundial de Studies Norcoreanos.

The joint shipment from the United States and South Korea follows with attention to the concerns. Photo: KCNA

United States and South Korea have accused the North of supplying weapons to Russia for its war in Ukraineweighing the UN sanctions that prohibit these actions.

“It seems like we’re doing these experiments misilis on the sea,” Ahn said.

With information from AFP

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