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PHOTOS | Israel begins an armed incursion into southern Gaza

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Fuerzas israelíes they confronted the combatants Hamas in the south of the Gaza Strip, it is expanding its offensive into the besieged Palestinian territory, where the UN warns of an even more infernal scenario for the captured civilians.

Israel initially centered on its offensive in the north Gazabut the army began to launch flying vehicles in parts of the south, warning the Palestinian civilians that they should go to other areas.

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178 people died in the second day of bombings in Gaza

PHOTOS | Renew Israel’s bombardments in the Gaza Strip

Many Israelis, armed vehicles and buildings were observed in search of the safe city of Jan Yunisin Gaza, replete civilians who moved from their homes most to the north at the beginning of the war.

The army confirmed that it was launching aggressive actions against Hamas and other terrorist organizations in Jan Yunis, and warned that the main road in the north and this city constitutes a battlefield.

At night, witnesses informed of violent combats seeking Jan Yunis and aerial bombardments Rafah, in the extreme south of the territory. The Palestinian agency Wafa reported several deaths in an attack in the city of Gaza.

The Israeli army began to carry out incursions to the south of the Gaza Strip. Photo: AFP

Hamas He assured on Telegram that his fighters were driving military vehicles and looking for Jan Yunis. They also left their chests behind Gaza hacia Israel. The Israeli army notified the death of three more soldiers in Gaza, raising its number to 78 in this territory.

In fact, international aid organizations advise them civilis in the densely populated territory they are wondering where to find them.

“Nowhere is safe in Gaza and there is nowhere to go. An even more infernal scenario is about to occur, one in which humanitarian operations may not be capable of responding,” said Lynn Hastings, humanitarian coordinator of the UN for the Palestinian territories.

Decades of people were injured during the raids. Photo: AFP

Israel declared war on Hamas place of the attack on 7 October of the Islamist organization, which resulted in 200 deaths, in its civilian mayors, and 240 kidnapped, under Israeli authorities. In response, Israel promised to eradicate Hamás and liberate all the refugees in Gaza.

El Ministry of Health of Gazacontrolled by Hamás, states that the war has claimed 15 million 900 lives in the territory, 70 for hundreds of women and children.

Sufren civilians bombardes in Rafah

In the city of Rafahlook for the frontera with Egyptthe farmer Abu Hajar al-Hajj reported that an aerial bomber looking for his house felt like an earthquake.

“Trozos de hormigón comenzaron a caernos encima”, relató.

En Deir al-BalahMore to the north, Walaa Abu Libda took refuge in a hospital but I said that for four years she remained trapped among the escombros.

Many people have been displaced from their original places. Photo: AFP

“No one is dead or alive”, expressed Libda, one of the 1.8 million of displaced persons in Gaza, three cases of its population, according to UN data.

El jefe de la World Health Organisation, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, published in the red social network Israel denied it.

United Statesaka Israel’s key, advised that it must do more to avoid civilian deaths when transferring its operations to the South.

The deceased and the deceased multiply in the region. Photo: AFP

Israel indicated that it was not necessary to force the Palestinians to leave their homes permanently, and ensured that it sought assistance from groups to improve the infrastructure in the coastal region of Al Mawasiin Gaza.

“We ask the civilians to evacuate the battlefield and we designated humanitarian zones within the Franja de Gaza“, said Israeli military spokesman Jonathan Conricus.

A senior Israeli military cargo admitted on condition of anonymity that the chief of two civilians had died for each combatant of Hamas in the Franja of Gaza.

The Israeli government says it is making an effort to limit civilian violence. Photo: AFP

“I hope that the cost will be much lower in the next phase of the war”, added an Israeli soldier. For this reason, according to the authorities, the army uses a set software map to track the movements of people within Gaza and issue evacuation orders based on mobile phone signals, air surveillance and local sources, as well as artificial intelligence.

But the humanitarian agency of the UN, OCHAI recommend using this appliance in an area where access to telecommunications and electricity is sporadic.

All mobile phone services were suspended in Gaza due to the failure of the main fiber routes on the Israeli side, following the Palestinian operator Paltel. Netblocks, the global network monitor, confirmed that Gaza’s residents face a total loss of communications.

Hamás also holds rights in his power: Israel

The last combatants took place in the collapse of a truce in the last few years, as numerous prisoners in the hands of Hamás were freed in exchange for Palestinian prisoners. The Israeli army ensures that at least 137 rehens will continue in Gaza, but Hamás has abandoned new liberations while there is no high level of permanent fire.

According to the spokesperson of the State Department of the United States, Matthew Miller, one of the causes of the collapse of the truce is that Hamás does not want the rulers to be able to do what they have done during his time of security. The Israeli police investigates evidence of sexual violence against women during the attacks on October 7.

A police officer recently told the Israeli Parliament that an investigation received more than 500 witnesses. The complaints include collective violations and post-mortem mutilations.

Hamás still holds reins in his power. Photo: AFP

The war generated fears of a regional conflagration, with frequent attacks between Israel and the pro-Iranian Hezbollah movement in Lebanon. The Israeli military said its air force attacked Hezbolá positions in Lebanon in response to its attacks on Monday against Israel.

The occupied West Bank has also seen an increase in violence, with more than 250 Palestinians dying since the start of the war, according to Palestinian authorities.

With information from AFP

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