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PHOTOS: Elsa the rescue victim who ends up missing amid the 7.9 earthquake in Japan

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The 7.9 degree earthquake that struck Japan New Year In 2024, more than 92 deaths were reported and more than 240 people disappeared who were found near the escombros. Before that, the image of Elsa, a black rescuer who hunts people in the province of Ishikawa.

The perrita’s aide describes her as “the best” and who works in conjunction with soldiers and aid workers in the search for survivors in Japan, in the images of her AFP news agency Elsa is observed by nimbly crossing the streets of a house and walking among the vigas of Madeira.

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Earthquake in Japan left 92 dead and 242 disappeared

A new earthquake of 5.5 hits Japan after a new year’s earthquake

The olfactory perrita los escombros de una casa de Wajima one of the sites affected by it telephone movementnext to describe the agency you find an old woman who was left behind by the ruins of her house.

“Por favor Elsa, please, find her”, she realizes that a person will ask the rescuer who hasn’t stopped working three days after the earthquake.

Having learned from her trainer, from the coastal city of Yashuhiro Morita, Elsa is trained to thief when she encounters a dead body. The Minister of Defense of Japan notes that she is not the only supporter in the labor force.

“But now I’m alone among the multitude, which probably means that there isn’t a single body there,” he added on the back.

The affected area is located on the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan, which is why a tsunami warning was activated in the region due to its magnitude. The victims who are registered are incalculable, because different countries have sent their solidarity and support to the affected.

Mexico offers consular protection

El Gobierno de México a través de External Relations activated the number +81 80 9980 8022 to contact compatriots who met in the Ishikawa area during the earthquake, also available to the public in question social redes and an electronic mail for those requesting consular protection.

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