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PHOTOS | Asegura la FGR aviation, cocaine and heroin in Mexico

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Six aircraft and other vehicles deployed by elements of organized crime were reckless by elements of the General Tax of the Republic thanks to a successful anti-drug operative.

The hallazgos were made in a prayer of the Ejido Querétaro. Photo: FGR

Made in el Ejido Querétarolocated in the building Valle de MexicaliBaja California, the operative set out to capture five alleged drug traffickers in a pair of vehicles, who had missed the location of a distribution center.

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“Elements of the Fuerza Estatal de Seguridad Ciudadana“Five people were reported on board two vehicles, where they encountered 189 packages with cocaine, 90 with fentanyl and one more with heroin, outside a vehicle located in the vicinity of the Ejido Querétaro, where they were presumed to be looking for more drugs,” he said. the federal dependency.

Incautious vehicles, airplanes and more drugs

Through the apprehension of the alleged offenders, the state authorities are ready to carry out a major operation, in which they will discover land and air vehicles deployed in the crime of drug abuse.

Six aircraft and new vehicles were found on the site. Photo: FGR

“The Federal Public Ministry solicited before the Judiciary a court order for the accused individual, and to carry out the diligence, the elements of the Federal Ministerial Police, of the Criminal Investigation Agency, in coordination with elements of the Secretaría de la Defense Nacional , located 15 kilos 423 grams de cocainethree kilos 933 grams of heroinesix aircraft and new vehicles”, details the FGR.

Cocaine, heroin and fentanyl were confiscated thanks to the operative. Photo: FGR

According to the authorities, the five above mentioned ones will be presented before the Ministerio Público federal, who began investigations into crimes against health. At the same time, the property, vehicles and drugs were loaded from the annex.

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