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Photos and videos: Así luce Grindavik tras volcanic eruption in Islandia

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Last night, Monday 18th December, was an intense one volcanic eruption to the north of the city Grindaviken Iceland. Also to mention that, since the past month of November, the country’s meteorological services have issued a warning for a possible eruption, this is where intense seismic activity was recorded in Reykjanes.

In agreement with the authorities of Islandia, they reported that several months had accumulated in the past magma below the surface of the ground, to a depth of five kilometres; Nonetheless, the earthquakes helped the magma begin to be subjected to the earth’s flow, presenting a dangerous situation for the inhabitants of the city of Grindavik.

Photographs of the natural phenomenon circulate in social circles. Photo: special.

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Why did a volcano erupt in Iceland?

Alarmed by the constant earthquakes, from the past month the authorities evacuated all the people living in the city, predicting that on those days there would be a volcanic eruption. Now, a few days after the end of December, the eruption that alerted the meteorological services finally occurred; It should be mentioned that in the city there are no cases of inhabitant, so there is no risk of injuries or faults.

Following the report of the meteorological services, the weather forecast magma – prior to the volcanic eruption – it was what caused the hundreds of earthquakes that were recorded in the city. “The eruption was preceded by a barrage of earthquakes that began at 9pm. A Coast Guard helicopter will be deployed shortly to confirm the exact location and size of the eruption”, wrote the Icelandic Meteorological and Seismological Office (MET) in social circles.

The eruption was preceded by hundreds of earthquakes. Photo: special.

Islandia disseminates photographs and videos of the volcanic eruption

First of all, Bjarni Benediktsson, minister of exteriors of Icelandshared images of the eruption and added some details: “a volcanic eruption has begun on the Reykjanes peninsula. The eruption has a length of 3.5 kilometers near Sundhnúka, to the north of Grindavikwhere the evacuation orders were given” reported the official.

It should be mentioned that Iceland is a country that has 30 volcanic systems and more than 600 thermal springs, making it one of the places with the greatest volcanic activity in the world.

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