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PHOTOS | 178 people died in the second day of bombings in Gaza

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Israel he cleared the bombers of the Franja de Gaza after the expiration of a one-week truce with Hamás, with a provisional balance of 180 deaths, following the Islamist movement in power in this Palestinian territory. The Israeli army confirmed that five people detained in Gaza were dead and God knew their names.

“In the last few days, the army and the Israeli police they notified the deaths of the kidneys to their families”, he informed the armed body.

Upon hearing the first explosions, shortly after the truce was reached at 07:00 local time, thousands of gases took refuge in hospitals and schoolsconverted into makeshift camps to be displaced.

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The Israeli army confirmed that it had struck more than one 200 terrorist targetsmainly areas with hidden explosives, tunnels used for terrorist purposes, gang launch ramps and Hamás dispatch centers.

El Ministerio gazatí de Salud reported 178 deaths and 589 inheritances in this extreme enclave of 362 square kilometres, from where thick columns of humidity rise. Among the faults there are three journalists, which raises to 73 the journalists killed since the beginning of the war.

They accuse each other of the end of the truce

The restoration of the combatants led to the hope of extending the truce in force since the 24th of November, which allowed tens of kings to be eliminated in the hands of Hamas took Palestinians to Israel and facilitated the entry of aid into the Gaza Strip.

The Jewish state and the Islamist group mutually blame each other for the failure of the negotiations to prolong the truce, and attribute it partly to failures regarding the liberation of rehenes.

Some areas of the southern Gaza Strip have been affected by bombing. Photos: AFP

The war began on October 7 when Islamist militiamen rushed to the south of the country. Israelkilling 200 thousand people, in its civilian mayors, and seizing up to 240, according to Israeli authorities.

In response, Israel promised to eliminate Hamás and launched a campaign of air and land attacks in Gaza which, in accordance with the government of Hamashas been dead for more than 15 million deaths, equally civilians in its large mayoralty.

United States trust in negotiations

The truce weighs heavily on intense diplomatic negotiations. The jefe of US diplomacy, Antony Blinkenhe declared that his country was intensely focused on freeing the safe havens in Gaza.

“We are determined to do everything we can to reunite all the children with their families, including continuing the process that has been in place for six days,” he said from Dubái, where he participates in the COP28.

Decades of people search for their belongings among the hunters. Photo: AFP

Blinken I asked for hope that, in the event that the bombs are destroyed, Israel would demarcate safe zones for civilians in Gaza. But in the morning, Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, confirmed that Hamás violated the principle of disparaging Israel.

“El Israeli government I am determined to defeat the objectives of the war: to liberate the kingdoms, eliminate Hamás and guarantee that Gaza will no longer represent a hardship for the people of Israel”, I said in the office in a press release.

Notify Israel at the beginning of the bombings

At the first hour of the day, the Israeli army sent messages to the telephones of inhabitants of some neighborhoods in the city of Gazain the north of France, and of the locations facing Israel from the south of the enclave, urging them to march immediately before the bombardment.

Nabil Abu Rudeinaspokesperson for the President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmud Abás, denounced the renunciation of ethnic cleansing and genocide in Gaza.

“Hay bombardes for all sides, we don’t have any food or water or clothes”, I say Marwa Saleh47 years old, from Jan Yunis, in the south of the enclave, where he was the huir of Gaza City.

The Israeli government promised to join Hamás. Photo: AFP

The renewal of the combatants went to Sumir in the Gaza Strip in a battle, confirmed by the Jefe of Comité Internacional de la Cruz Roja (ICRC), Robert Mardini. The truce gave a breath to a population tormented by six weeks of bombardments and a practically total blockade of the supply of food, medicines and fuel.

Also allowed to release to 80 rehenes israelíes, all women and children, 240 Palestinians taken, equally women and men. A dozen foreigners or people with double nationality, among the majority of Thais who work in Israel, were freed outside the country’s border. There have been 137 rows in Gaza, according to Israeli authorities.

The fighting has intensified in the area. Photo: AFP

The knowledge also allowed the entry of humanitarian aid to Gaza, from where, following the UN, about 2.4 million inhabitants suffer from food insecurity. The needs are immense in this territory, following an Israeli blockade since 2007, when Hamás seized power in the territory, resulting in a strict siege starting on October 9th.

The truce also reduced artillery duels on the Israeli-Lebanese border. A Israeli bomber He wrote to two civilians in southern Lebanon, according to the Lebanese National News Agency.

With information from AFP

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