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Pfizer vaccine: against current Covid-19 variants

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The vacuna Pfizer you go to the counter at any pharmacy in the country, where the Federal Commission for the Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris) aprobó the analysis and the evaluation on the clinical example of the vacunas, before that, the pharmaceutical company detailed the actualization that holds the burden of the active one that you are committed to Mexico.

After December 15th the New York laboratory sent the first package with doses of the reagent that helps fight the virus SARS-CoV-2as well as its variants, except that from this Christmas 20th of December you can purchase it in three of the main pharmacies in the country.

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Vacuna Covid-19: list of pharmacies where you can purchase the Pfizer drug in Mexico

Bring the first shipment of Pfizer vaccines against COVID-19 to Mexico, when can it be applied?

The Pfizer vaccine can be applied in pharmacies. Photo: Archive

Pfizer vaccine: against current Covid-19 variants

Through a press release, Pfizer informed that the doses of its reaction against Covid-19 correspond to the vacuna Comirnaty, monovalent ARNmwhich contains the update of the data of the recent summer variant Ómicron XBB.1.5which was developed based on the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO), was carried out by the laboratory.

The Comirnaty space, ARNm is composed of tozinamerán, which is a single-stranded ARN molecule with a cap at the extreme 5′, which was produced by transcription in vitro acelular starting from the corresponding ADN molds, based on an analysis carried out by the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System Spain.

From understanding with the analysis, the Pfizer vacuna Since there are no live viruses in a complete genome, which means that the vacuum that comes to Mexico does not have replicative capacity and cannot cause disease, the Spanish health authorities stand out. The Pfizer vaccine is intramuscular, it is said, it is applied with an injection and in this case it should be applied after 3 months after having administered a dose or from the last time the infection occurs.

The current Pfizer vaccine applies to people from 5 years of age. Photo: Archive

In respect, Yéssika Morenodirector of Pfizer’s Medical Assurances in Latin America, ensured that the vaccine is the most current against the sublines of the Ómicron variant that it includes: “XBB.1.5. Y XBB.1.3. who are the ones who are circulating the most worldwide,” he indicated in an interview on Teleformula, and added:

“It is the vacuna that is indicated that applies at this moment before the current variants, it is for more than 6 months of age; nevertheless, for this moment we tend to be available for mayors of 5 years”, said Yéssika Moreno.

Similarity states that at the moment that people go to the pharmacies to apply the drug, they must tell the dose takers the date of the patients, “the person at the pharmacy will use the presentation indicated in the information given to the patient” , I say.

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