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Persecution in Texas ends when police destroy the driver’s cabin

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En TexasUnited States, fue captured el conductor of a trailer in an unorthodox way, a place to star in a dark persecution on a stretch of the road to the east of the city of Houstonan event that was documented on video and shared in the social circles.

The local police began to pursue the arrest of the heavily loaded vehicle when it was passing through the affected road and those who had no respite to keep their vehicle, so the sheriffs were forced to implement methods to apprehend the motorist.

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The police destroyed the cabin of the trailer to enter the chofer. Photo: X

The policy is to destroy the trailer cabin

At the moment that the trailer arrived at the relevant 10, the uniforms placed various pulls with the ends of the truck’s tires pinching to hit the air and thus forcing the vehicle’s brake on 18 wheels to finally brake on gear

The persecution continued for several hours while the driver ignored the request from the uniforms to get away, so the speed would increase because he was pinched by his tires, said the Sheriff of Harris County, Ed González.

When the motorist finally ran out of gear and was driven by various patrol cars and armored vehicles, he was still prevented from getting into the trailer because he would be stuck inside the cabin to avoid being arrested by the sheriffs who dedicated a lot of time to being able to do so. hold it.

Before the refusal to get on the trailer, the police used an excavator-type vehicle to destroy the cabin of the heavy truck, then sent to a policeman to locate the suspect who finally got off his vehicle.

The man was detained and transported in a car to an ambulance where he had injuries. After the accident, Sheriff Ed González informed that the detained driver appeared to suffer a “serious impairment”, but he did not know what had detracted from his behavior.

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