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Persecution and enforcement in Cuernavaca after 10 deaths, two police forces

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The morning of this month there was a report braking armed and persecution in different colonies of Cuernavaca, Morelos, who had as many as 10 dead people, within the two preventive policies. Having learned with the first reports, those who started once began a persecution ataque wardrobe in the colonies Altavista, Carolina, Chulavista, Avila Camacho, Avenida Emiliano Zapata, the Pradera and in the neighborhood of San Antón.

El frentamiento a balazos se dio entre presumes integratis del crimen organised and the Municipal Police CuernavacaAmong the fatal victims, there are six alleged criminals and two civilians who have been asesinated by the group wardrobe. In the past, the Secretaría de Protección y Auxilio Ciudadano (Seprac) made it known that the incidents were registered in the streets of at least six colonies of the Moroccan capital, as well as the Poblado de Tlaltenango.

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How did the rushes take place this morning in Cuernavaca?

Communication issued by the municipality of Cuernavaca. PHOTO: Special

Follow the first reports given to get to know the primer today braking occurred in the Altavista colony, where a group of armed men aboard three vehicles (a red Cherokee truck, a black Red truck and a motorcycle) began to attach to one of the civilians who met drinking in the public street, also who tried to rise to the other.

As a result of this first attack, some people fell ill in the place. Once again policies they received the report of the attack, they were located at the farmers and they started a persecution which extended to the Carolina colony, where the police caught an attack from the armed group and killed an alleged criminal.

Two police officers were killed during the arrest and other two results were suffered

One of the faulty elements during the braking. PHOTO: Special

In this case, the driver of a motorcycle accompanying the top assassins was injured. There Seprac God to know this person through a communication where it was specified that the security of the other black truck type Rouge, with five civilians on board, armed with vests and a communication radio, todos sin vida, as a result of the restraint with the police of Cuernavaca ocurrido on Avenida Emiliano Zapata de Tlaltenango.

Information disseminated in the social networks of the municipality. PHOTO: Special

“Of these acknowledgments, please be informed that regrettable in the honor of your due, two policies they were injured and two regrettably lost their lives.” In another case of violence spread to the south of the state, in the municipality of Tetecala de la Reforma an element of the Policia summer, who was identified as “El Blue”, as well as another person who suffered due to a brawl on Sunday night.

According to the official report, it was at 10.40 pm that “El Blue” was attacked For gunslingers, people travel in a white Chevy car, the same place as the cometer crimen he headed to the Alpuyeca village of Xochitepec.

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