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Perrito who got caught on the platform against “El CR” in Jalisco and thus escaped asustado

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The detention Juan Carlos No“, better known as the “CR” and supposedly integral to the first circuit of the Cártel Jalisco New Generation (CJNG), not just sitting narcobloquoes and what are the vahículos in the state of Jalisco. There was also a moment of fear in the population of the entity which even caused an impact on them lomitos of the demarcation.

This is how I happened with an expert who ended very well with the balacera occasion for the operator of the National Guard y el Army to capture Juan Carlos “N”. The things that have been spread on platforms like X —before Twitter— occurred in the municipality of Tapalpa.

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VIDEOS: Cae el “CR”, jefe de plaza del CJNG vinculado con desaparición del coronel Grimaldo Muñoz

Here is “El CR”, the plaza jefe of the CJNG, whose arrest led to a series of narco blockades in Jalisco

What happened to the old man in Jalisco?

The perrito did not dare to enter a house in the middle of the operating room. Credits: X/captura.

In the collection that circulates in the red, it is possible to observe how some people are helicopters they began to fly in the area, which makes them arrive at the arrival of a red truck that rises to the dustthe present people begin to search refuge.

In the midst of the excitement, you are able to appreciate the rapid form in which a family enters running in the house while suddenly a white and black man appears and stands next to a woman with the hope of being waited on. Moments later, we begin to examine the shots and it begins when the lomito it takes time to jump and it’s time to run. Luego, you don’t know why I went with him.

Where is the “CR” and how was it detained?

Juan Carlos “N”, better known as the “CR” is the alleged jefe de plaza of the Tapalpa municipality of the CJNG. Credits: X.

The day of Saturday 25 November, personal of Army y de la National Guard detuvieron a Juan CarlosNo“, better known as the “CR” and alleged jefe de plaza of the municipality of Tapalpa, Jalisco por el Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación. Due to his probable participation in criminal activities, he was considered one of the priority objectives for the Mexican Government.

And that’s what “CR“If he reports to you that he has participated in distinct illicit activities such as organized crime, drug trafficking, high power armament, money laundering and kidnapping. Therefore, he has been accused as the intellectual author of the deprivation of libertal de José Isidro Grimaldo Muñozcoronel of the Secretaría de la Defense Nacional (Sedena).

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