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PERFIL: Edy Smol, Clara Brugada’s pre-campaign fashion guru

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Edy Smol Whoever knows how to be the “fashion guru” on television programs who always expresses his sympathy for the governance of Cuarta Transformación where the president came Andrés Manuel López Obradornow it will be necessary to take on board the tasks of taking Morena’s pre-candidate to the government office of the City of Mexico, Clara Brugada.

Smol has maintained its signature as a defender of the Right Transformation where it has also starred numerous people in social circles with comedians and influencers Chumel Torresone of the major detractors of López Obrador’s politics, who encouraged him to use homophobic insults.

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Edy Smol keeps wins with the 4T. Photo: Archive

Who is Edy Smol?

On the list of I’m the new jefa de Gobierno.

“Many thanks, be of heart and be a citizen; I believe passionately that @ClaraBrugadaM will bring virtue, progress, humanism, goodness to everyone, social well-being, emotional, health in all feelings for everyone, culture; deported; We will work with all the citizens by the hand, it will be a great Jefa of the Government of the CDMX 2024-2030, thank you for your love and trust in your servants, greetings”.

Edy Smol and I announce you as the new voice of Clara Brugada. Photo: X

Born in 1975, Edgar Smolensky was born in Mexico City on December 8th. Edy Smol is part of one Jewish family This religion follows by professing the name “fashion guru”. Because of his experience as a fashion critic, he is one of the most recognized fashionistas in the country.

With an academic education, Edy Smol focused on marketing in public and mediums which led him to become a specialist in companies such as Sears. Due to his high knowledge of fashion, Smol was invited to participate in various areas of television to share tips on style and beauty.

Edy Smol is known as the “fashion guru”. Photo: Archive

The new voice of Clara Brugada is on television as usual Style DF y Cuídate de la Cámara where the famous outfit was analyzed. The “fashion guru” is dealing with colon cancer problems, although he has indicated that he is trying to overcome the disease.

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