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Pensión Bienestar: these are the names that receive 6 million pesos today 4 in black

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On Tuesday 2nd December the Bienestar secretary, Ariadna Montielconfirmed that starting from the 3rd day of the month, the first deposit corresponding to the two-month period of money – February for the major adults who are enrolled in the federal program of the money will begin Pensión Bienestarwhich will count with an increase, which means that the beneficiaries will be receiving six thousand pesos bimonthly.

Starting today the payment corresponds to all those who are registered and on the first call I begin with the letra Athese people should be taken care of Bienestar Bank that is where they can withdraw their actual number, the official said they will have to attend on the day indicated which corresponds to it depending on the letter with which it begins on the paternal name.

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Why should you extend the two-month period of the Bienestar Pension?

The president López Obrador In his usual morning conference, he noted that the Pensión del Bienestar, this year the payments for the two-month periods of March-April and May-June will be advanced this year due to the state and federal elections that will take place in the June month. in the country, the Mexican representative will reiterate that this decision is valid so that there are no problems regarding any violation of the statutes that mark the electoral process.

The pension was increased by 25% for the third consecutive year. PHOTO: X @A_MontielR

How do I withdraw money from the Bienestar Bank’s automatic cash registers?

It’s really simple, so users can get their money in 5 seconds:

  • Enter your card and phone number on your Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Select “Effective Retirement”
  • Define the idea you want to retire
  • Defining you want to print on proof of retirement
  • Take the actual delivery, receive it and receive it
Steps to follow to be able to get money from an automatic cashier from Banco del Bienestar. PHOTO: Government of Mexico

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